2019 Fall Semester -- Exchange Program Orientation
Published At:2019-10-31 
 2019-10-31 updated

By Christina Cheng


The sky in the early morning was g ray. Rain dropped as it’s counting down the coming of 90 exchange students. The staff of the College of Management (CoM) stood around, being afraid if someone getting lost. Before 9:30 am, some early birds arrived on their own and staff inside the classroom started to move. After 9:30 am, exchange students came in large groups and seemed never end. Far away from the dorm to the College of Management, exchange students overcame rainy days and prepared their first meeting with such big smiles.

The orientation started with the Vice President of College of Management—Chialin Chen‘s opening. Professor Chen illustrated plenty of resources such as interactive courses and senior professors with both academic knowledge and practical experiences. Besides, he showed how NTU CoM achieved outstanding performance with several awards and certificates, emphasizing that exchange in NTU would be their best choice ever.


After the formal introduction by Professor Chen, local students enthusiastically presented several topics. First, the history of NTU and CoM were introduced through pictures and brief illustrations, hoping exchange students more easily understand how NTU adjusts its organization with changes of the society. In the second part, the most complicated topic towards course selection and grading, were clearly explained in details. Seeing exchange students turn from confusion to bright faces and actively engaging in the Q&A session, we believe that the two most important websites, ceiba and myntu, already were noted to their minds. Asides from academic learning, daily life information was also the top issue. Thus, local students generously shared lists and maps of the great restaurant, hoping exchange students can seize the opportunity to taste as much as they can!


It was plausible that students would like to rest after intensive presentations. During break time, Cola kindly prepared pineapple cakes for exchange students to have their first taste of this famous dessert. Hope the sweetness marked their good start in Taiwan!



After the break, staff from the dormitory started introducing regulations on cigarettes, guest visits, and facilities in both humorous and serious tones. The main goal of repeating those regulations was not only hoping exchange students to carefully obey them but also remind students to respect cultural differences. For ICL session, the program was introduced through videos. By watching what exchange students in the past actually contributed to children living in remote countries and hearing what they had learned through sincere interactions with children, everyone felt touched. There was no doubt that many exchange students decided to join after the video ended.



After receiving plenty of information within two hours, exchange students went back to where they first stepped in. It’s still raining. However, all the expectations glittering in their eyes turned into the eternal smiles in front of the camera. All the best to keep all of your brilliant smiles to overcome the rainy days in Taipei and always stay bright in Taiwan & NTU!