Yuantong Student Dormitory

Located on the Orange Line (Zhonghe–Xinlu Line) of the Taipei Metro, it is 15-minute walk, or a 10-minute U-Bike ride, away from Nanshijiao MRT Station. Moreover, the dormitory provides a shuttle bus to and from Nanshijiao MRT Station (5-minute ride), which comes every 20 minutes.

/Directions from NTU Main Campus/
1. Start at Gonguang MRT Station
2. Ride up the Green Line (Songshan-Xindiang Line) to Guting MRT Station
3. Transfer to the Orange Line (Zhonghe–Xinlu Line)
4. Ride down to Nanshijiao MRT Station
5. From Nanshijiao MRT Station, use either of the following ways to get to the dormitory:

A. Walk (15 mins): https://goo.gl/maps/aJgSCUCdm97e22KV6
i. Go to Nanshijiao MRT Station exit 4 and turn left to Xingnan Road Section 1 (興南路一段)
ii. Go straight until Xuaxin Street (華新街) and turn left
iii. Go straight until Zhonxiao Street (忠孝街) and turn right to continue on Xuaxin Street (華新街)
iv. Go straight until Gongzhuang Road (工專路) and turn right
v. Go straight and keep on the right side until Yuantong Student Dormitory

B. Ride U-bike (5 mins)
i. Go to Nanshijiao MRT Station exit 4 to rent a U-bike
ii. See A (Walk Version) for the route: https://goo.gl/maps/aJgSCUCdm97e22KV6
iii. Return your bike at either of the following U-bike Stations near Yuantong Student Dormitory

C. Shuttle bus (5 mins)
i. Go to Nanshijiao MRT Station exit 4 to wait for the Yuantong shuttle bus (20 mins wait-time)
ii. Ride directly to Yuantong Student Dormitory


4-person room with a private bathroom.


Communal Areas and Sports Facilities

The front desk has 24-hour security service, which students can seek assistance in case of emergencies. It is managed based on card access. Every student gets their dormitory card, used to ride the shuttle bus, enter the building, ride the elevator, enter their living area, and enter the recycling area.

The ground floor has a plaza, with a green area and wooden benches. This resting area is enclosed by food facilities, such as Hi-Life (open 24/7), PX-Mart (open from 8 am to 11 pm), a café, and two small restaurants.