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NTU ESG Investing Online Summer Program 2022

Program Overview

NTU ESG Investing Summer Program is a two-week online program taught in English offered by the College of Management and provides students with a unique and exciting opportunity to study at National Taiwan University. Students will be able to attend synchronous online courses, cultural lectures and activities. With the well-designed combination of diverse synchronous courses and activities, students will still have real-time instruction and live interactions with faculty and classmates.

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed global business and every facet of our lives; in response to this economic uncertainty, businesses now are focusing on sustainable investing. ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) creates a significant impact in a post-pandemic market.

ESG Investing Summer Program explores the key issues and policies that drive ESG Investing. Through a combination of cases, guest speakers and lectures, students will be introduced to the key concepts underlying ESG, environmental sustainability, strategic governance, and social responsibility. We also look at the key measurement systems for ESG compliance and investment decision-making.

Cultural Lectures and Activities

To supplement learning in class lectures, we will offer number of online cultural lectures and virtual activities. Through the virtual tour, students will still be able to embark on a wonderful journey in Taipei.

Convenient Location in the Heart of Taipei

NTU is located in the heart of Taipei and is convenient for students to make the most of their summer in the capital of Taiwan. Taipei is a vibrant metropolis characterized by its friendly people and safe streets. With its classy malls, chic boutiques, stylish restaurants and cafes and cultural events, Taipei is a fascinating place to visit and live and offers a wide range of opportunities and activities for students.

All- inclusive Program Fee

The program fee includes tuition, lecture materials and virtual activities.

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