【Management-Activity Report】Love is forever. Light up every hope of kindness: Ceremony of Mr. Deng Li-Deng And Mrs. Deng Liu Zhi-Mei Fellowship and Scholarship
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Article: Manangement Office

kindness: Ceremony of Mr. Deng Li-Deng And Mrs. Deng Liu Zhi-Mei Fellowship and Scholarship
In commemorating their father and mother, Mr. Deng, Li-Deng and Mrs. Deng Liu, Zhi-Mei, as well as to reciprocally contribute to the society and encourage NTU students to excel in their study, Mr. Deng, Chuan-Xin, Chair of Thin Chang Corporation, and his family have established the Mr. Deng, Li-Deng and Mrs. Deng Liu, Zhi-Mei Fellowships and Scholarships, which is dedicated to help financially challenged students of integrity character, that one day in the future these students may serve our society and community well.
Total 7 students of the College of Management received the first grants of fellowships and scholarships in fiscal 2015. They are: Li Ya-Chun of MBA program, Zheng Han-Qin, Chen De-Long, and Lin Zi-Hao of Accounting Dept., Liu Chong-Zai of Finance Dept., and Lin Yong-Yan and Song Bo-Xing of International Business Dept. The College of Management had organized on ___________ the Ceremony of Mr. Deng Li-Deng And Mrs. Deng Liu Zhi-Mei Fellowship and Scholarship, where chairman Deng, Chuan-Xin and his family were invited to confer the grants to the winning students. 
In the ceremony chairman Deng explained his wish of passing the love that his parents had given to him, and wish approval and support from his family, he established this Fellowships and Scholarships to help excellent students in poverty to reduce financial pressure, attend NTU without financial obstacles, and access to the best education resource and environment. In sentimental tone, chairman Deng commented that many fine students in high schools having the potentials to qualify NTU were forced to give up the best chance in their education and choose otherwise for easing their parents’ burden and household economic status. As a man of humble origin himself from Tungxiao countryside, chairman Deng strongly felt the same personally. This is the reason that he vows to help students in needs. He also hopes that more and greater acts of kindness would follow. 
Liu Chong-Zai of Finance Dept. and Lin Yong-Yan of International Business Dept., on behalf of all grant recipients, took the stage for their speeches of appreciation. Lin, despite physically handicapped, remained optimistic and worked hard in his pursuit of education, exhibiting tremendous courage and faith. Now Lin is enrolled in NTU and on this stage he thanked and shared his joy and happiness with his sponsors. Lin deeply believed that strong faith makes ordinary people extraordinary. He especially thanked chairman Deng and his family, who established the Fellowships and Scholarships, for their love, contribution, and care for the underprivileged students, and for their encouragement and assistance for students to fulfill their dreams. Chairman Deng’s great benevolence is a paradigm for our society. 
Liu, a student from a poor family in a small village in northern Myanmar, had to earn his own education costs by himself, where his time spent on earning tuition overwhelmed his study. Realizing that it was not sustainable, he reduced part-time job hours, which led to even harder life, and used the saved time on study and student clubs. Luckily, winning the Mr. Deng Li-Deng And Mrs. Deng Liu Zhi-Mei Fellowship and Scholarship is like a rain that saves the day, he was relieved of financial urgency and allowed to focus on study. 
The ceremony ended with the speeches of appreciation from the two students. As chairman Deng said, it has been proven from the past that education is the best way for the poor to turn around, and NTU used to offer chances for the poor to do so. However, as time changes, these chances are diminishing. He hopes that NTU Alumni members around the world, as well as the general public, may rise and respond to the calling for public good and give more equal chances to the outstanding students in high school all around Taiwan to study in NTU.