When You Return

Grades Registration
 All course grades obtained during exchange must be entered into the myNTU online system upon student’s return within two months.
  1. All grades obtained during exchange should be entered in English into the NTU transcript according to original transcript from host university.
  2. When entering grades in myNTU system, please make sure not to make any spelling mistakes on course name and grades. Spelling should accurately conform the original transcript.
  3. Once you complete myNTU application, please submit original transcript in English and official approval(issued by NTUCoM OIA to your department.

  NTU transcript will be marked “grades obtained were not accepted by NTU”,  if you are unable to complete grade registration procedures  within 2 months after return.

Credit Transfer
  1. Exchange students should discuss credit transfers with their departments prior to departure for the exchange program.
  2. Returning exchange students should apply for credit transfers with their departments, the approval of credit transfers are to be made by the departments. We cannot guarantee that all credits received at exchange schools are transferable.
  3. Credit systems between NTU and the host school may vary, therefore, it is not guaranteed that the credit units acquired at the host school will be transferred into the same number of credit units at NTU.
  4. Grades you acquire during exchage shall not affect student’s GPA.
  5. If students would like to apply for graduation application upon return, students shall transfer credits in the beginning week of the following semester.
  6. Credit transfer must be applied before graduation. Any application after graduation will not be accepted.
 Application Procedure
  1. Submit online application through myNTU.
  2. Please submit official exchange transcript、official approval for exchange(issued by NTUCoM OIA)、course syllabus and NTU Official transcript to your department.
Useful Information