【NTU CoM Buddy Program】2022 Spring - Culture Night
Published At:2022-03-09 
 2022-03-09 updated

By/工商管理學系 三年級 鄭心妍 Chyenne Cheng


It’s the Cultural Night! I'm really happy to hold the event and get to know everyone. Due to the impact of the pandemic, exchange students were unable to come to Taiwan, and all the activities were also held online. However, the Cultural Night went well thanks to the active participation of exchange students and the enthusiastic NTU Buddies. I really appreciate everyone who has been working hard since the end of last semester. Also, I’m grateful that Gina always helped us solve problems in time! I hope the exchange students who couldn't exchange in Taiwan had an unforgettable experience, and I hope that Taiwan is an energetic country for them!


The Cultural Night is divided into six parts, including opening, introduction to cross talk and playing crosstalk (相聲) video, tongue twister explanation and practice, Chinese paper art (including "Spring", window frames, toys from southeast and northwest), introduction to Taiwanese culture and games, and Q&A.


We started the event by playing the video produced by NTU College of Management. Then we introduced the crosstalk culture, including the origin, form, its importance, and props. We also watched the crosstalk video so that the exchange students could have a better understanding of the crosstalk culture.


Next, we brought each other closer by introducing tongue twisters and taking turns trying to say them. We thought that this part would be difficult, but it turned out that many exchange students speak great Chinese. Some of them could even type correct Chinese characters! Although some exchange students were not so familiar with Chinese, they were still willing to accept the challenges.

The “paper art” part is carried out through online practical teaching. Our team members tried to fix the teaching method many times and listed detailed teaching steps in the past few weeks, hoping that the exchange students could understand how to draw patterns and cut paper. It really gave us a sense of accomplishment!


The part of “Taiwanese culture” introduced the food, natural landscape, architecture, and important celebrities in Taiwan. We created a guessing game to make everyone concentrate on our presentation. During the explanation, the exchange students were very focused and answered the questions accurately. To our surprise, there are many people who know Jay Chou and are his fans! I am really proud of Jay Chou!


The final Q&A part was very interesting! I’m sincerely grateful for every exchange student who shared their stories and feedback with us. Were happy to build a friendship through Cultural Night.


After the event, our team members stayed to write postcards for the exchange students, hoping international students who receive the cards can feel the enthusiasm and vitality of NTU students and leave a beautiful and deep impression on Taiwan!

NTU CoM Buddies

Cut Chinese Character "Spring "

Make Window Grilles


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