Job Opportunity: On-site Engineer at Chunghwa Telecom
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1. More than 5 years of work experience

2. Proficient in Chinese, English, Indonesian (commercial level), must be on-site to implement the contract requirements that the company should perform, including:

    a) The overall system design and planning, installation, construction, training, testing, acceptance and other tasks, and coordinate the handling of related matters outside the contract

    b) Planning and design of weak current, monitoring, network, etc., graphic review, specification confirmation and contracting

    c) Command and supervise various project matters and coordinate work matters with contractors

    d) Project progress tracking, inspection and acceptance, and provide customers with a consolidated report

    e) Cost and quality control, with project management capabilities (PMP license is preferred)

    f) More than 3 years of experience in computer room construction (Networking, Cabling, PBX and IT equipment)

3. Contact person: