GMBA Dragon Boat Team is ready for the competition this year
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National Taiwan University’s GMBA dragon boat team is continuing its annual tradition of competing in the Taipei Dragon Boat Festival from June 7th to June 9th. This event is the largest dragon boat racing tournament in Taiwan, featuring roughly 6,000 athletes.

The 2019 GMBA dragon boat team roster includes students from Canada, China, India, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nicaragua, The Philippines, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, and USA. Every weekend, early in the morning, members train, practice, and learn to work as a team. Not only are they learning to row, they’re also learning the importance of stretching, proper diet, and hydration. “When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too” (Chialin Chen – Director of GMBA).

This year, we are excited to partner with Transcend Information and CENTURY 21 Taiwan. Both sponsors are great to work with and have provided the team with essential dragon boat team shirts and gear. The team has been using Transcend's DrivePro™ Body 20 to record training sessions in order to help team members improve both posture and form. The Transcend DrivePro™ Body 20 is resistant to water and shock, making it perfect for the GMBA dragon boat team. Also, as proper hydration is important to anyone taking part in physical exertion, we're thankful that CENTURY 21 Taiwan has sponsored the team with boxes of water for all the training sessions and the competition.

Come support and cheer the National Taiwan University GMBA Dragon Boat Team. For more information about our GMBA Dragon Boat sponsors please visit: and


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中英文: GMBA二年級陳仲麟、周岐原



今年,台大GMBA龍舟隊很榮幸獲得來自21世紀不動產及創見資訊的企業贊助。雙方溝通往來十分密切,台大GMBA再次感謝兩家贊助商提供龍舟隊員比賽所需的裝備及服裝。來自創見資訊、防水防震的「DrivePro™ Body 20」,讓隊員練習時得以全面紀錄數據,提升動作效率,以利比賽時達到最佳表現。21世紀不動產則贊助全體隊員盒裝水,以補充於日常訓練及運動競賽時不可缺少的水分。

比賽就快到了,趕緊一起來為台大GMBA龍舟隊員歡呼加油吧!其他關於贊助企業的資訊,請至企業官網查詢 還有