About the College of Management
Introduction on the College of Management
Leading Institution for Management Education

Founded in 1987, the College of Management has been developing rapidly under the guidance of our deans. We have the best professors in Taiwan who all graduated from renowned institutions around the world. We are proud to say that we are a dream team. In addition, we have been focusing on international academic exchanges recently, and we have implemented a number of international development strategies. These actions are highly recognized by the international organizations. We have a remarkable international recognition record, including the AACSB certification in 2010 and 2016. Moreover, we are the only university in Taiwan that is in the 5 Palmes League, the highest honor given by Eduniversal. We have received this recognition for 9 consecutive years and the latest one was received in 2016/2017. Our international status has been greatly upgraded along with these awards.

Moreover, we have been working on globalization since 2010. The purpose is to encourage more academic exchange with the worldwide universities. We have introduced Student Exchange programme, and Double-degree programme for both undergraduates and graduates. For example, we have cooperated with Wasada University, the University of Texas at Dallas, Kyoto University and Beijing University. In addition, Our Accounting Department has also signed a cooperation arrangement with the Accounting department of City University of Hong Kong. It is a 1+2+1 double-degree programme , which is our very first pioneering international cooperation. In total, we have formed alliance on exchange programmes with 108 Business colleges in over 25 countries. A total quota of 200 exchange seats are open to students for application. In the future, we will keep looking for new opportunities, providing more global communication channels to all our members.
NTU EMBA:Integration into Global Community in a Variaty of Ways
Combined with world-class academic resources, a learning platform that gathers elites
As the Education pioneer in Taiwan, we have established the very first EMBA programme in 1997.  Our five departments, including Business Administration, Accounting, Finance, International Business management, and Information Management, are all run by our world-class academic staff. we have also continued to invite internationally renowned scholars to serve as our lecturers.

In response to the international development, NTU-Fudan EMBA international programme was introduced in 2010. Since then, NTU EMBA has become the pioneer in Advanced Training in Taiwan, and has held a leading position among the Colleges of Management in the Asia pacific region. In addition, we have served nearly 4,000 alumni who work in different industries ever since our establishment 22 years ago. NTU EMBA has become a learning platform that attracts elites from various background.

Learner-centered basis, Integration among diversification
We are dedicated to promote leaner-centered instruction, which put great emphasis on case studies. At the same time, with an aim to train our students to be equipped with innovative mindset and social compassion, we have put strong emphasis on the training of our academic staff members. Interdisciplinary materials and distinguishing features are also highly valued in our curriculum.

We are more than just an institute that provides Advanced Training. We are instead, a platform that merge multiple values, providing innovative ideas, startup opportunities and life-long learning resources. Elites from various industries who hold different mindset and professions have gathered here. These elites exchange their ideas, explore their future and potentials on this platform. Most importantly, they put their social responsibilities into practice here. Over past 22 years, NTU EMBA has created countless values. We will strive to make a greater history, creating a greater future together!

Recognition from International Organizations and Top managers
We have received numerous annual champions on the EMBA Evaluation from the Commonwealth Magazine. This evaluation is based on the criteria listed by top 3000 managers in Taiwan and we have crowned a number of items, such as Reputation of the University, Achievement of Alumni, Opportunities of International cooperation…etc. Moreover, we have also received numerous recognitions from Eduniversal, an organization that is responsible for the evaluation and global ranking of Higher Education. According to Eduniversal, NTU EMBA has reached the 5th place in the Far Eastern region in 2018.
Company Manager's Favorite EMBA course
Based on an assessment of Taiwan’s EMBA courses held by “Cheers” (Common Wealth, Taiwan), NTU EMBA has won the champion of “The Most Popular EMBA Courses among Managers of 3,000 Enterprises” for three consecutive years (2011~2014). It also ranked on top in various evaluation categories such as the school reputation, academic staffs’ capability of interdisciplinary studies, opportunities for international exchanges or reputation in the industry. Eduniversal, an evaluation institution responsible for the global ranking of higher education, has in the newest Global EMBA Assessment announced that NTU EMBA obtained the silver award of the 2013 Fareast Area.
Global EMBA Rankings 2013
Source of data: Eduniversal
Year 2014,TOP 5 of

Source of data: “Cheers” (Common Wealth, Taiwan) magazine