Academic Interactions
Actively particpate in international exchange and enhance international competitiveness
NTU EMBA actively participates in international events, including exchange student initiatives, double-degree program, scholar visits, cross-school research projects, participation in international chambers of commerce, and participation in international ratings. With all sorts of international exchanges, international exposure and influence have been increased and students have learned about international views. 
Integrate Cross-Strait Industrial Advantages and Lead a Cross-Strait Economic Development

In order to nurture EMBA students’ global view and their alignment with the world, NTU EMBA actively cooperate with internationally reputed universities to offer joint programs. A Tri-university Program jointly offered by Guanghua School of Management of Beijing University and Chinese University of Hong Kong is established, and an event of Greater China EMBA Elite Study Week is offered, and domestic and international celebrity scholars are invited to host this event. NTU EMBA develops Cross-Strait, Tri-location EMBA academic exchange model with avant-garde teaching concepts. NTU EMBA, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Guanghua School of Management of Beijing University have jointly designed the Tri-university Program with each contributing its own regional industry features, available for EMBA students of their respective universities. In 2011 the Asia-Pacific Industry and Economy Development Trend Study is offered with an event of Grater China EMBA Elite Study Week. In 2014 the main theme is high-tech industry in Taiwan; the experience of innovation and management in Taiwan’s high-tech industry is presented for students. The subjects of the program includes technology and innovation strategy, technology network and platform management, research and development management, technology evolution and innovation types, technology policy and national innovation forum, and business visits.


Other than the Tri-university Program, NTU EMBA has yet again cooperate with the School of Business, Renmin University of China, and offered Double-university Program. Worthy of mentioning is that the cases selected for study are domestic cases jointly developed by NTU College of Management and the School of Business, Renmin University of China, and the teaching instructors are the same professors responsible for preparing these cases. Subjects of the case study includes financial innovation, enterprise transformation, growth pattern, innovation in supply chain, brand strategy, and social innovation. Student profile consists of half from NTU EMBA and another half from the EMBA of Renmin University of China. 

Inter-School Cooperation Courses
NTU-RUC (Renmin University of China) Cooperation Course(from 11th to 14th November 2011)


Seminar on Chinese Business Case: Institutional Transformation and Business Models

Following the signing of ECFA, the cross-strait economic activities have gradually developed from an increased trade volume to enterprises’ strategic deployment, which has even affected the regional economy and formed a new co-opetition relationship. Besides, the launch of China’s 12th five-year plan also brings more business opportunities and challenges in the great China market. Being in such attractive but extremely difficult environment, how cross-strait companies apply effective business models and strengths of organizations will be the key success factor in the future. This course has adopted self-developed Chinese corporate cases to discuss and introspect the business thinking and future growth strategies based on five main directions: transition of institutional environment, change of industrial structure, strategic and business model adjustment, corporate culture and competence and, last but not least, entrepreneurs and leadership, 


NTU-CUHK (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) - PKU (Peking University) Cooperation Course(from 12th to 15th February 2012)

Seminar of Economical and Industrial Development in Asia Pacific
Themed on “The Glory of Taiwan’s Technology Innovation and Management”, the course aims to discuss competitive challenges created by technology and how a successful entrepreneurial or government leader shall respond to it. Having the Taiwan technology industry as an axis, the course has shown high-tech industry’s experience and learning in innovations and management. Discussion topics of this course include technology and innovation strategy, high-tech entrepreneurship, technology network and cooperation, research and development management, technology evolution and development as well as technology strategy and national innovation system. This course has not only adopted a case teaching method, but also combined its materials with guest speeches, forums, visits to high-tech research institutions and other activities.

The Greater China EMBA Study Week

National Taiwan University, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Peking University

The “Greater China EMBA Study Week” was held by NTU, CUHK (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), and Peking University. Since 2011, there are seminars held in Hong Kong, Taipei and Peking in spring and autumn to offer cross-strait EMBA students an opportunity of exchanging and learning from each other. This activity has been held for three runs already: the first run was taken place at CUHK EMBA; the second run was, based on the theme of “The Glory of Taiwan’s Technology Innovation and Management”, taken place at NTU College of Management; the third run was hosted by the Peking University Guanghua School of Management, to invite NCU and CUHK to discuss the topic of “Society, Economy and Culture of China”.

Over the last few years, the greater China circle has gradually formed a tight and linked economic and financial region featured with unique culture. However, as Taipei is different from Peking and Shanghai, every region has different experiences in the development of history, culture and companies. In order to catch the future pulsation, it is important to have real contacts. The exchange and sharing among executive managers can enhance the height and width of regional enterprises, helping them to deepen their understanding of the greater China region. This is the platform provided by “Greater China EMBA Study Week”.