Our Staff
Professional Team behind the Scene; EMBA Telephone No. +886-2-33661010
NTU EMBA Office has 4 sections: Taipei Teaching Affairs, Oversees Teaching Affairs, Administrative Support, and Public Relations. The primary missions for EMBA Office are administrative works regarding students and teaching affairs and providing services for alumni members. From the moment new students’ enrollment all the way to graduation procedure, EMBA Office plays an important part in the tasks of students’ course selection/deletion, study assessment, score inquiry, dissertation, extra-curriculum activities, and graduation ceremony. In the aspect of alumni member service, EMBA Office organizes routine academic seminars, releases news about alumni members, offers cross-university alumni event news, and organizes return-to-campus events for alumni members to enhance alumni network, maintain alumni relation, and share knowledge among alumni. 
Title Team Name Telephone No. Email Address
Executive   Director   Liu, Chi-Chun +886-2-33661011 ccliu@ntu.edu.tw
Chief Academic Affairs Wu, Chia-Ping +886-2-33661014   ellenwu@ntu.edu.tw

Luo, Wen-Yin

+886-2-33661020 irenelo@ntu.edu.tw
Hsu, Yu-Tin +886-2-33661019 yuting1011@ntu.edu.tw
Chiu, Sz-Hui +886-2-33661018 szhuichiu@ntu.edu.tw
Chief Overseas Affairs Hsiao, Hsiang-Yun +886-2-33661017 hsiaohy@ntu.edu.tw
Dai, Hsin-I +886-2-33661013 aprildayy@ntu.edu.tw
Chief Administrative Affairs Liu, Ying-Syuan +886-2-33661016 lioushujiuan@ntu.edu.tw
Su, Ya-Hui +886-2-33661015 yahui@ntu.edu.tw
Chen, Chih-Yi +886-2-33661564 beatachen@ntu.edu.tw
Chief Public Affairs Wang, Wen-Shan +886-2-33661520 sandywang33899@ntu.edu.tw
Chang, Yu Ching +886-2-33661563 yuching77@ntu.edu.tw
Lin, Yi-Ping +886-2-33663597 epinglin@ntu.edu.tw