Admission Session of the NTU-Fudan Joint Program
This overseas program recruits students once per year only. The program brochure with admission details can be obtained through the download link on this website in later May every year.
A. Admission Targets
Corporate senior management leaders, who have the capability to accept Chinese speaking education and are from the great China region (Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao), Singapore, Korea, Japan and other areas.
B. Admission Qualification
  1. A bachelor degree at a Ministry of Education accredited national or international undergraduate college / university; or educational level as qualified to take the master degree entrance examination as stated in “Standards for Recognition of Equivalent Educational Level As Qualified for Entry University” (regarding “Standards for Recognition of Equivalent Educational Level As Qualified for Entry University”, please refer to appendix 2).
  2. Over 10 year work experiences for candidates possess a bachelor degree (or equivalent educational level as qualified for Entry University); over 8 year work experiences for candidates possess a master degree; over 6 year work experiences for candidates possess a PhD degree; all candidates’ work experience must be supported by certificate(s) of service.
    • Remark 1: Years of serving in military can be counted as work experience.
  3. For overseas Chinese students who wish to apply this program, it is a must for them to acquire legal R.O.C. (Taiwan) Resident Certificate before submitting the application.
C. Evaluation Criteria
  1. The application examination refers to the process of examining candidates’ submitted data.
  2. Written examination refers to a “management orientation and competence” test for all candidates at the same time.
  3. For selected candidates who have passed the application and written examinations, they will have interviews processed based on their applied study group.
D. Conferment of Academic Degree
  1. Conferment of Academic Degree: Students of this overseas program will, after completed the studies, obtain the NTU “Master of Business Administration” degree; three months after they have enrolled this program, they can also submit their applications of “Executive Mater of Business Administration” degree to Fudan University and obtain it after completed the graduation requirements.
  2. Course Schedule: In principle, the courses will be held from Thursday to Sunday (4 days); totally 18 courses within 2 years as estimated.
  3. Course Location: The course will be held mainly in National Taiwan University and Fudan University; off-site classes will also be arranged and informed to students when the school starts.

For detailed information, please download the program brochure of that enrolled academic year.