Elective Courses
World Economy & China Economy
Instructed by Professor Min HUA, the chairperson of Institute of World Economy, Fudan University

As there has been a growing cross-strait communication, economic interaction and trading recently, this course aims at helping our students cease the business opportunities in Mainland China. From the perspective of World Economy development, Global Economic and Trading structure, we shall look into the rebirth of China. In addition, this course will dive deeply into the macro-economic situations, the economic miracles in China and the challenges that China faces. 

This course aims at training students to be critical on the global changes and China’s economic structure through a series of theoretical extensions. The purpose is to help students learn to build an efficient business model, and to evoke unique and innovate sparkles while they study. The instructor, professor Ming HUA is the chairperson of Institute of World Economy in Fudan University. He has been researching and teaching Global Economy, World Economy & China Economy for years and he is one of the most popular professors in the School of Economy. This course was first introduced in 2013 and it soon became one of the most welcomed courses, which is highly recommended by the students.
Game theory and Competing Strategies in industries
Instructed by professor WU, HO-MOU, CEIBS, specialized in Economics

Game theory is a strategic way of thinking. It helps people make critical decisions in daily life, decide on life direction and even make judgements during competitions within the industries. As specifically for the market, the key questions involved are how to settle on a precise pricing? Whether Mergers and acquisitions should be done or not? and How to choose between competition and cooperation? Every decision evokes interrelated changes. 

In the environment where everything is interlocked, Game theory presents all the possible outcomes, which depicts a clear picture on the game. It helps the corporates locate their competitive advantages in the dynamic competition against the competitors. The instructor is professor WU, HO-MOU, who is famous for his specialty in Game Theory. Professor Wu used to be our member in the Department of International Business. He has joined the school of Economics in CEIBS recently. This course has been highly recommended by the students from NTU EMBA ever since it was first introduced.
Family Business Governance
Instructed by Professor Joseph P.H.Fan, the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Family Business Governance focuses on how the families and their companies achieve sustainable operations. It aims at tailoring a long term business roadmap for the families, and then formulates corresponding governance, equity and company policies. At the same time, it discusses about discovering unique competitive advantages in the family business and the ways to pass on the invisible assets, such as the family mission. It also extends into a number of other key fields, including the design and distribution of Family Equity, the Governance system within the family, the training of the future successor and the motivations for the professional managers.

This course is one of the most popular elective courses at NTU EMBA. The instructor is Professor Joseph P.H.Fan. Professor Fan teaches jointly at both our college of Accounting and the Faculty of Finance at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics in NTU, professor Fan was awarded his PhD in Finance by the University of Pittsburgh in 1996. His teaching experience also includes the University of Hong Kong and HKUST. Professor Fan is a world-class professional who is famous for his research on the corporate governance and corporate finance issues in the emerging market. Last but not least, His pioneering research on Chinese family business and inheritance is also highly recognized.
Competitive Dynamics Theory
Instructed by Professor Ming-Jer Chen, Darden school of business and Professor Wenpin Tsai, Pennsylvania State University-University

Competitive Dynamics Theory is a pioneering point of view built upon Strategic Management. It has been described as “ the post-Porter competitive advantage” theory by the Harvard Business Review. Its emphasis is on the actions and responses of the corporations during the inter-firm rivalry. Competitive advantages are temporary in the theory. This theory is a combination of the Chinese culture & philosophy and the Western social science & systemic knowledge. It is especially applicable in Chinese Corporations. This course is instructed from the perspective of Competitive Dynamics. It is well organized with a great amount of the crucial concepts, structure and tools in the theory. It aims at training the students to develop a mindset that can design and implement sustainable development and transformation in the corporations.
The instructors, Professor Chen and Professor Tsai will cover topics including Design of the strategies, Evaluation and Implementation, Concepts and Abilities of Competitive Dynamics, Development of sustainable advantages, Management on global competition and cooperation and Corporation transformation and growth…and so on.
Fitness and Personal Health Management
Partnered with NTU Hospital and the Athletic Department of NTU

Health should never be neglected while one takes care of the business. With the help of NTU Hospital and the Athletic Department of NTU, this course aims at helping the students develop their exercise habit. We provide the best exercising prescriptions through talks and actual practices. The key is to set up a personal health account, merging health management into one’s daily life.