Taipei Class
Members of the Students
The profile of the newly enrolled students reveals a gender ratio, male to female, 7 to 3, average age group of 41-50, 13 doctors, 72 masters, 19.75 years in average length of career, 40% with job titles in high-ranking management, and a business spectrum covering technology, banking and finance, government sector, culture and education, manufacture, professional services, medical and bio-tech, and media and cultural innovation. Such a diversified and bountiful student background corresponds to NTU EMBA’s ideas of versatility and innovation, and the multiplying effect among them shall produce dazzling results beyond imagination.
NTU EMBA’s present student body has approximately 600 students in classes from 2009 to 2013, in addition to alumni of about 1700 members. Most of the NTU EMBA students hold positions in high-ranking management, and now they have a wider profile that includes elites like SMB owners and entrepreneurs. Their average career seniority is 18.4 years. 87% of the students fall in the age group of 31 – 50 years. Their professional disciplines include technology, finance, medicine, bio-tech, government agencies, traditional industry, media/culture, and professional service. With our excellent and diversified elite platform, they are able to expand their visions and enrich their learning experiences.