Alumni Activities
Anniversary for 2004~2014

NTU EMBA Class 93 Reunion on Campus a Great Success

EMBA Office has organized the Reunion on Campus for Class 93 on Aug. 30 as a service to keep the bonding among the students. Alumni members are invited to return to the university once again and to witness the change and growth for the past 10 years of the College of Management through the Time Corridor. Professor Xie Ming-hui, EMBA CEO, has revealed in the event that the EMBA today is advocating 4 major values: modularized curriculum, diversified learning, integrated teaching, and, the one that mostly concerns graduated alumni members, vitalized alumni members, which aims to establish an exchange platform for alumni members, students, and full-time students of College of Management by integrating resources from the College of Management and the University.


In addition to opening the regular EMBA curriculum to both students and alumni members, SEED Office has also planned for high end management courses as an initiative for lifetime learning and to accommodate alumni members’ needs. On the other hand, the Cardo Office of College of Management will further assist EMBA alumni members to recruit staff and internees. At the same time, the Creativity and Entrepreneur Center newly established by NTU will invite EMBA alumni members as retainer instructors or investors. This strategy is expected to fully vitalize alumni resource, enhance loyalty among NTUers, and even unite the innovation and entrepreneur strength throughout Taiwan.


Professor Huang Chong-xing and Professor Li Ji-ren are invited to the event and discuss modern trend in management like enterprise governance and operation strategy, a setting just like the old school days for the Alumni members to appreciate. Questions from alumni members are taken in the event, and issues in practice that the members have run into over the past ten years are brought up with ensuing discussions. A dialog between academia and practitioners has brought many new ideas and viewpoints to the attending alumni members of Class 93 who are now business owners or high-ranking managers.


The gala dinner of the day is at the courtyard of College of Management Building 1 under starlight and bright moon, where the faculty and alumni members gather together again to remember. President Yang Pan-chi is also present to thank the alumni members for their contribution and support for NTU and wish success to the event. Karaoke sing-along is also arranged in the event. In the bustling evening, teachers who are rigid in regular times now are relaxed, singing with alumni members like young people once more. In the event, Ms. Zhou Xiao-ling, alumni member of Class 93, has made a hefty donation of TWD 1 million to EMBA Alumni Foundation, bringing the evening to its climax. Ms. Zhou wishes that her humble example would encourage more alumni members to show their support for NTU EMBA with actions.

Anniversary from 2003~2013
The year 2013 is the 10th anniversary for EMBA Class 92 students. The event is purposefully scheduled on 2013/5/5 (Sun.) for 5 + 5 = 10 as to honor Class 92. The Reunion on Campus for Class 92 will be a very entertaining event, and the old classmates will have a great time together again in reminiscence.
Anniversary of the Class 2003 (2003-2013)

When We Are Together

All the NTU EMBA students and alumni are crouching tigers and hidden dragons that we see splendors in every year’s students. As for the students of Class 2003, their backgrounds are fairly diverse that include media workers, judicial officials as well as people from the financial and IT industries. There is a characteristic of Class 2003, that is, there were twenty commanders from the defense and military fields enrolled in this course including General Chao-Min Chen and Lieutenant General Tao-Yu Sun, making the Class 2003 even more sparking and full of talents. The three year school life was not only about studies, but also some other activities: visited the WTO Headquarter located in Switzerland, moved to Shanghai Fudan University for classes, learned the leadership in battle camp, and graduated in the acclamation of “The Bicycle Heroes” when the bicycles was circling the school. Let’s have a look of the highlights of Class 2003 ten years ago.

Class 2003 A
Class 2003 B
Class 2003 C