EMBA Annual Routine Activities
Root Deep in a Connection Network, Build a Unique EMBA Culture
As NTU EMBA is heading towards the 18th anniversary, it has accumulated over 2,000 alumni as well as a unique shared culture. From the enrollment to Ocamp, softball contest, Gobi challenge and graduation ceremony, these activities not only deepened EMBA students’ understanding towards each other and formed an unspoken consensus to confront all kinds of challenges, but also strengthened their concepts in the arts of studies and life – which is the core value of “enjoyment in polite arts”.
Annual Events
Every year, EMBA always holds a series of unique activities planned by the academic staffs and office administration team. Also on the recruitment and enrollment days, NTU EMBA also announces our mutual target, whereas Ocamp has gathered the centripetal force and unspoken consensus among students of the year. The NTU EMBA students all grow up in challenging courses and receive the EMBA glory in the graduation ceremony. Just like circles in life, recruitment, enrollment, Ocamp and the graduation ceremony are the important ceremonies for NTU EMBA.