Applicants should have a master's degree or above awarded by local or foreign universities (or colleges) recognized by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan, ROC.

Applicants are required to provide an application form, a position certificate or service period of service certificate, a transcript of college and graduate school, a diploma of college and graduate school, two graduate theses or published writings, a personal information sheet, and other proofs of profession abilities that could be useful to aid selection process. (for example, the qualifications such as GRE、GMAT、TOEFL、GEPT). Applicants should provide an official transcript of Entrance Exams conducted by the Department of Finance. Applicants are to take a written examination in some subjects such as Micro & Macro Economics, Statistics, Financial Management, and Mathematics with different weighting according to different majors. Applicants are to be evaluated through their grades.

Admission criteria
Admission decisions are made on the following basis. First of all, the Admission Committee shall review the applicant’s academic records as maintained above. Finally, applicants with the highest ten total scores from the review and written examination are to take an interview. The total scores of the three stages (review, examination, interview) are calculated according to the ratio: 25: 25: 50.
Contact Information

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