THIS 2020 Summer, embark on an unforgettable exploration with us in Taiwan!
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Taiwan America Student Conference, or TASC, is a 16-day conference which focuses on cross-cultural communication and intellectual interaction between Taiwan and America students. During the conference, delegates from both sides will interact, exchange ideas for 16 days. At the end of the conference, you will leave with not only individual growth but also life-long friendships. 
All about TASC 
1Visiting Different Cities:
The delegation will travel around Taiwan's major cities; American delegates will be exposed to Taiwan, and Taiwanese delegates will learn about their own roots on a deeper level. All will reflect on the Taiwanese identity, culture, and future perspectives.
2Establishing friendships:
Delegates will create and cultivate life-long friendship in this 16-day immersion program.
3Lectures by experts in different fields:
TASC invites experienced individuals, experts and scholars from different fields to give speeches, talks, and workshops. Delegates will have the chance to engage in deeper conversations with the speakers.
4Roundtable discussions: 
Delegates will be distributed into 4 roundtables ( Environment and Public Policy, Cultural Conflict and Resolution, Business and Politics, Education and Social Justice).  During TASC, delegates will brainstorm with their roundtable team and create innovative, feasible action plans that tackle certain issues.
In 2020 Summer, challenge yourself with this life-changing opportunity. Begin an unforgettable adventure with us next summer.
American delegates wanted
(1)Openings: 15 (from the United States of America)
College, graduate, and PhD student studying in the US currently or recently  graduated
Critical thinking and action-oriented.
Curiosity and open-minded to embrace inter-cultural differences and communication.
Dates of conference: July 29 - August 13, 2020 in Taiwan
Date of application: The regular deadlines are February 23, 2020 at 23:59 EST
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