Introduction to International Business
Published At:2018-07-26 
 2018-07-26 updated

“Introduction to International Business” is a required introductory course for freshmen of the Department of International Business at NTU. As the College of Management is planning to make introductory courses more seminar-oriented, the department has invited Prof. Ji-Ren Lee and Associate Prof. Cheng-Wei Wu to redesign this course together.

In the redesigned course, students are no longer required to read a specific textbook or attend lectures passively. Their learning performance is not evaluated via exams, either. Instead, they form groups in class to discuss core questions such as globalization, market systems, business operation, and industry development in Taiwan, thereby cultivating 3C capabilities—Curiosity, Critical thinking, and Communication—during the process.

Moreover, design thinking is introduced as well to encourage students to consider future career paths. Business executives will be invited to share their career experiences, in hopes that interactions with executives will inspire students to further explore the implications of management.