International students must follow admission guidelines and requirements listed on the website of Office of International Affairs

Admissions for Graduate Studies

There are two ways to get into the Graduate Institute of Information Management, Application through Recommendation or the Entrance Examination. The Application through Recommendation is held around October or November, and the Entrance Examination is held around March or April every year. For details of dates and information please refer to the website of National Taiwan University (

A. Application through Recommendation

Applicants have to submit the following application materials for review: 
  Application form
  Certification of ranking or working experience period
  Certification of bachelor's degree or student's identity card
  Official transcript from undergraduate study. 
  Individual information form (
Study plan
Other documents demonstrating applicants' competence (e.g., publications, awards, etc.)
  Two recommendation letters (In accordance with the format that we provided) from assistant professors or above. 
(All application materials are not returned)

Process of Application: 
  First stage: Dossier review (60% of total score)
Review application materials.
  Second stage: Oral examination (40% of total score)
Top 16 to 67 applicants from the first stage may attend the oral examination.

  Top 15 applicants from the dossier review are admitted without attending the oral examination.
  Priority Admission list will be released on the date when the first stage results are released.
  Please download form of recommendation letter here, and submit recommendation letters with application materials.
  Please fill in individual information form online ( and print it out. The individual information form should be submitted with other application materials.
  If admission information is altered, please accord to the school admission brochures.


B. Entrance Examination

First stage: Written examination (50% of total score)
  Examination subject: Introduction to Computers (including Data Structure and Algorithm), Introduction to Information Management, and English.
  Weight: 100% more to Introduction to Computers and Introduction to Information Management, respectively.
Second stage: Oral examination (50% of total score)
  Applicants who rank among the top 45 places in terms of written examination score may attend oral examination.
  Please bring the official transcript from undergraduate study and study plan. (Not returned)
  Attendants of oral examination must fill in individual information form at our website. (

  For relevant provisions of working experience, please refer to the admission brochure.
  If admission information is altered, please accord to the admission brochures. 
  For other information, please refer to our website or contact us at +886-2-3366-1200.