The NTU IM Department takes pride in its steady development over the years since its establishment in 1991, building upon the contributions made by all its past chairs and faculty members. After over two decades of continuous growth, the Department now has twenty full-time faculty members (including four joint appointments), five adjunct faculty members, and 229 undergraduate and 168 graduate students. Featuring highly professional yet comparatively young faculty members, a genuinely free scholarly atmosphere, and substantial interactions with the other departments in the College of Management, the Department can be safely named as one of the finest academic institutions in East Asia to train specialists in information management.
Recently, the Department has been revising its pedagogical role to a considerable extent, placing a particular emphasis on the convergence of the strengths of information technology and management. To make this sustainable, we have recruited new and truly extraordinary faculty members, renovated the curricula of the programs we offer, and planned for regularly hosting prominent international conferences. It is our sincere hope that these endeavors will enrich the Department, broadening the scope of our teaching and research and elevating the merits of our scholarship.

The Department has a computer center and fourteen laboratories equipped with more than twenty Linux workstations, in total more than two-hundred PCs, and plentiful multimedia equipment as well. Color laser printers, PDF Scanners are also available here for teachers and students’ academic requirements. Servers including Mail & DNS Server、Web Server、File Server、Print Server、Domain Controller are centralized in the assistant interior room for unified management.

The Department is equipped with Windows MSDN AA, which includes Windows operation systems at all levels (Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008), supportive programming development application (Visual Studio, Eclipse) and word processing software (Microsoft Office, EndNote), etc. Moreover, we also have multimedia data processing software such as Ulead PhotoImpact、Office Sharepoint Designer to provide students convenient tools for information technology and system management.