Admissions for PhD

Applications are invited for admission to PhD program for the students with master's degrees in all disciplines. The admission evaluation is held in May annually.

Application to the NTUIM PhD program is held annually in May and June. The specific date and details can be found at the website of National Taiwan University. (
A. Direct pursuit of PhD Program
Master's students with one year study, excellent performance, recommended by at least two faculty members (assistant professor or above), and ratified by Admission Selection Committee are approved to a direct pursuit of PhD program.
The admission selection committee consists of five to nine faculty members chosen by the PhD Advisory Committee.
B. Admission Process
The best applicants will be selected to enroll on the basis of the following criteria.
1. Dossier review (50%), including
  (1) Transcripts of Bachelor's and Master's degree.
  (2) Master's thesis or copies of a representative work (Foreign master's degree without written thesis is
       not required)
  (3) Research plan
  (4) Recommendation letters (at least one should be acquired from the advisor of your master's thesis or
       supervisor of your current job)
  Eligible applications are allowed to take the oral examinations.
2. Oral examination (50%)

3. Admission Quota: the final quota should be referred to Ministry of Education.
Foreign Applicants
Please refer to

International students must follow admission guidelines and requirements listed on the website of Office of International Affairs