The Department of Information Management offers a four-year program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration in Information Management. To acquire the degree, students must complete a minimum of 134 credits of coursework, of which 24 credits are from Common Compulsory Courses, 58 credits are from Department Compulsory Courses, and 52 credits are from Elective Courses.

Common Compulsory Courses (24 credits)
   1. Foreign Language— 6 credits
   2. Freshman Chinese— 6 credits
   3. Liberal Education Courses— 15 credits
    *Students can substitute up to 3 credits of Freshman Chinese in fulfillment of the same number of credits in any
    one core area of the Liberal Education, and vice versa. In short, the credit sum of Chinese and Liberal Education is
    18 credits.

   4. Service Learning Education
   5. Physical Education—4 credits (not counted for credits for acquiring degree)

Department Compulsory Courses (58 credits)

Freshman Year, Fall

Calculus (general Mathematics) (a)(1)—4 credits

Financial Accounting (A)(I)(1)—4 credits 

IM Freshman Project –1 credit

Management Mathematics –3 credits

Programming Design –3 credits


Freshman Year, Spring

Calculus (general Mathematics) (a)(2)—4 credits 

Accounting (a)()(2)—3 credits

Data Structures and Advanced Programming Design—3 credits


Sophomore Year, Fall

Statistics (I)(1)—3 credits

Economics ()—3 credits

Management—3 credits

Algorithms—3 credits 


Sophomore Year, Spring

Statistics () (2)—3 credits

Operating Systems—3 credits

Introduction to Information Management—3 credits


Junior Year, Fall

Computer Networks and Applications—3 credits

Database Management—3  credits


Junior Year, Spring

Systems Analysis and Design—3 credits

Project on Information Management ()—2 credits


Senior Year, Fall

Project on Information Management ()—2 credits


Elective Courses (52 credits)

1. Department Elective Courses—21 credits

Programming Languages—3 credits

Operations Management—3 credits

Programming for Business Computing—3 credits

Game Programming—3 credits

Software Development Methods—3 credits

Introduction to Information Retrieval and Text Mining—3 credits

Information Service Innovation Management—3 credits

Introduction to 3D Programming—3 credits

Information Management—3 credits

Information Systems R&d.—3 credits

Electronic Commerce—3 credits

*Courses with Curriculum Number starting with IM, or Curriculum Identity Number start with 705/725

2. General Elective Course—31 credits