IM Computer Lab
The computer lab is located on the 5th floor of Building I, College of Management. We provide the services stated as follows.
Workstation Services: we have setup UNIX-based servers to provide services such as email, webpage, Intranet, and so on. 
Lab Services: the lab is equipped with Windows-based personal computers that have softwares including word processing, program development and multimedia processing installed. Hardware like scanner and printers are also provided.

Open hours: Mon. ~ Fri. 9:00-21:00 weekdays during term time; Mon. ~ Fri. 9:00-17:00 weekdays during summer and winter vacations.
Contact: Phone: 886-2-33661198 Email: imta(AT)
 Lab Services
Printers Scanner
Access to the computers of our lab is authenticated by a Windows Domain Controller. All the relevant equipments are available to those who hold accounts. Here is the regulation governing the account usage.
Please keep your personal data in 'Desktop' or 'My Documents' archive when you use the computers of our lab. Rights of removing files in local computers is reserved by our system administrator.
Eating and drinking are prohibited in our lab, so is playing computer games.



We have set printing quota on every accounts. For more information, please refer to the detail here.
There are now two black & white laser printers (HP2055dn, HP4350) and one color laser printer (HP CP2025n). 

Setting up printers on computers in the network domain

Click on Start -> Run... and input \\nps, then choose the corresponding printer for initial installation.

Setting up printers on your own notebook

(1) Open 'My Network Places' -> Search -> find "nps"

(2) Connect to "nps" with the username "imcc\your account" (e.g. imcc\b93001) and your password for this imcc domain.

(3) Double click on the printer you would like to use, and the amount will be charged to the account you login.

Querying your quota

(1) Use the browser to connect to
(2) Login with the username which is "imcc\your account"(e.g. imcc\b100001)and the password which is the same as your account password in the domain.
(3) Enter your account in the blank of "使用者名稱" (username) in the webpage and click on "查詢"(Submit). 



There is one high-end scanner in the lab (HP ScanJet 5590). The scanner can be accessed by the application "HP Photo & Imaging" in the computer attached to it.
 Workstation Services
   Email Configuration   IP Configuration   Personal Webpage   Course FTP   Alumni Service
We provide workstations which support services such as FTP and SSH login. The addresses of the workstations are: ~ For more account information, please refer to the detail here.
The settings for all supported services are as follows.
Email Configuration

You can use your workstation account to login Web Mail to receive and send messages. You can also use other software and setup as the following steps.

Outlook Express
You need to enable the option "My server requires authentication":

(1) Click on [Tools] -> [Accounts...]

(2) Select the account you would like to setup and click on [Properties]

(3) Check the option "My server requires authentication"



(1) Enter "S SETUP" and then "C Config"



(2) Change smtp-server to ''


(3) Every time you send mail, you will need to authenticate yourself.

IP Configuration

If you have a static IP address in the department, you can setup as the following steps (Windows system). You can also use DHCP to get an IP address if you are using your notebook in the lab.

(1) Open [Local Area Connection] and choose [Properties]

(2) Select [Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)] and click on [Properties]

(3) Enter the IP address you have and press [OK]
(Note: Our domain name server is located at, and the one of NTU is located at 


Personal Webpage

The web server provides user to host their webpages. 

(1) Create a directory named "public_html" in your home directory on the workstations and put your files in it. The default index page (the home page) must be named as "index.html" or "index.htm". 
(2) Use your browser to access and you should be able to see your pages.


Course FTP

Some courses have information files on the workstations and students can download files by FTP. Students must authenticate with their own accounts or the account the teacher announces.

Usage example:

(1) FileZilla/CuteFTP/SmartFTP
Connect to the workstations and right click to [Change Directory] to "/home/course" (you can enter it directly). 
Note: If you change remote directory to upper directory (i.e. /home), the directory "course" may not show up, but you can enter it by the method above.

(2) Internet Explorer
You should first create a symbolic link (or shortcut) to "/home/course"(Login the workstation and enter "ln -s ../course"). 
Establish FTP connection by IE(e.g. and authenticate with your account. Then you will see the "course" directory.


Alumni Service

We also provide permanent accounts for alumni to use email and Intranet.

The accounts of students graduating after 2002 (B87/R89) remain functional by default. Alumni graduating before 2002 can contact imta(AT) to apply for an account. For more information, please refer to the detailhere.

Why doesn't the printer correspond to my printing?
(1) Check if the printer is out of paper.
(2) Check the printer settings of your computer.
(3) Check if you have used up the quota. If so, please purchase more from the assistant.

I have changed my password to login the computers of imcc domain, but my password to login the workstations doesn't change as well.
In essence, the workstations and the personal computers are supported by distinct systems. To access each of th resouces, you need distinct account/password. For more information, please contact the system administrator.