The Department of Information Management, NTU, was founded in 1991. Admissions were made based on academic performance at Joint College Entrance Examination, Material Science Group.

The Graduate Institute of the Department was established.

The PhD Program was added.
The EMBA Program started.
Each year, about 50-60 undergraduate students, 50 graduate students, 20 EMBA students and 6 PhD students are enrolled. There are about 500 students in this Department at present.
Names and Tenures of Office of Former Chairs

Yu, Chang-Sung, 1991-1994

Hsieh, Ching-Chia, 1994-1996

Chen, Wen-Hsien, 1996-1999

Chou, Seng-Cho, 1999-2001

Joung, Yuh-Jzer, 2001-2005

Sun, Yeali Sunny, 2005-2008

Chern, Ching-Chin, 2008-2011

Anthony J. T. Lee, 2011-2013

Tsay, Yih-Kuen, 2013-2017

Wei, Chih-Ping, 2017-2020

Chen, Chien-Chin, 2020 - present