NTU College of Management – 2022/2023 Student Exchange Program Application Guide
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Published At:2021-09-30 
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NTU College of Management has established a dynamic College-Level program in collaboration with leading business schools from all over the world. The Exchange Program allows students to study abroad at one of our partner schools for one semester

For more information, please refer to the Application Guide below.

The full list of 2022/2023 exchange partner schools and available exchange slots will be confirmed on November 25, 2021.

Please note:

1. The application is fully online, no any hardcopy is needed.
2. COVID-19 pandemic has become day-to-day life in the world. All applicants should think twice and consider the risks of COVID-19 before the online application. Once the application/ acceptance is confirmed, COVID-19 will not be considered as force majeure factors for the withdrawal of the exchange program. The application fee and the administration fee are non-refundable. 
3. Applicants may list 30 exchange destinations in the order of preference.
4. Application requirements for exchange students may vary with different Partner Schools. Please ensure that all requirements of the chosen exchange destination are met.
5. No revisions can be made on the Exchange Destination Preference List under any circumstances after the application has been submitted.
6. International students or students with dual citizenship cannot apply for schools in the countries of which they hold current citizenship.
7. Please ensure that all documents required by the school are uploaded to the application system.
8. Some schools may only accept students either in the Fall or Spring semester, please make sure that you can go on exchange during the term(s) offered.


NTU College of Management 2022/2023 Student Exchange Program Application Guide
NTU College of Management 2022/2023 Student Exchange Program Selection Process: Important Dates

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Cola Sung via hysung@ntu.edu.tw