Hult Prize 2019 at NTU
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Competition time: 2018 December 15th (Sat.)
Registration link:
Registration period: October 8th (Mon.) ~ November 16th (Fri.)

The theme of the annual Hult Prize competition is announced by former US President Bill Clinton at the United Nations Headquarters, inviting any enthusiastic and innovative university graduate students to take on the challenge. By combining education and entrepreneurship with visionary ideas and entrepreneurial planning, students are driven to solve issues related to energy resources, health, economy and many more. The ultimate winner of the Hult Prize will receive a US$1 million prize to bring about their proposal, creating a better life for human society, while making profits at the same time.
Application details:
  1. Participating teams must consist of 3 to 4 members, all students studying at NTU. Then, submit a 1 to 2 page report or proposal according to this year’s theme, “Developing an idea to provide meaningful jobs for 10,000 youth in the next decade”, on November. The final competition includes a 6-minute long brief presentation and a 4-minute Q&A.
  2. Both, the written proposal and the final briefing, must be presented in English. The written proposal must include the team name, the team members’ information and proposal content.
Competition process:
This round of competition classifies under the Hult Prize On Campus Competition; therefore, the winning group of the campus selection will proceed directly to the Asian Regional Match held between February and March next year. The Asian Regional Match will select teams to participate in an 8-week training held in the UK. During the process, six teams will be selected to advance to the Global Finals, which will be held at United Nations Headquarters in September of the following year, and will be presented by former US President Bill Clinton.

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