The 2023 AAPBS Annual Meeting concludes successfully
Published At:2023-11-27 
 2024-01-09 updated
The Association of Asia-Pacific Business Schools (AAPBS), established in 2004, is a regional, non-profit organization of management schools that brings together numerous renowned business and management schools in the Asia-Pacific region, fostering communication and collaboration among these academic institutions.

We are honored to host the 2023 AAPBS Annual Meeting this year. The theme of the meeting, "Digital and Sustainable Transformations in Business Education," brings together 134 scholars and experts from 19 countries and regions, representing 45 schools and international organizations. The meeting aims to explore how new technologies can be appropriately integrated into business education, addressing attitudes and approaches towards emerging technologies. Additionally, it focuses on the ongoing challenge of cultivating students with sustainable thinking, providing a platform for the exchange of insights on these critical issues.
The Welcome Reception of the annual meeting began with a speech by Professor Wen-Chang Chen, the President of National Taiwan University. The dinner, conducted in a Western-style reception, took place in the open courtyard of Building 1 of the College of Management. Guests from around the world expressed admiration for Taiwan's distinctive cuisine, including bubble tea, crispy fried chicken, egg cakes, and pineapple pastries.

The conference officially commenced, with Professor Shing-yang Hu, the Dean of the College of Management, introducing the teaching and academic achievements of the College of Management, National Taiwan University to the international guests. Following this, Professor Ling-Chieh Kung from the Department of Information Management at the College of Management shared his perspectives and experiences on the interaction between AI and business education. He also presented his vision for the future of business education. The audience feedback indicated that Professor Kung's presentation was considered one of the most captivating and thought-provoking talks on a similar topic that they had heard in recent times.

The second speech was delivered by Dr. Geoff Perry from AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), sharing and promoting the AACSB accreditation. AACSB is an international educational accreditation organization dedicates to elevating the educational standards of business schools and accounting programs. It actively advocates for and enhances the quality and effectiveness of business and accounting education. AACSB is recognized as one of the three most authoritative and benchmark accreditation bodies for business schools globally.

Next, the first Panel Discussion moderated by Professor Chialin Chen, the Vice Dean of the College of Management, took place. The discussion focused on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices in Taiwan and advocated for sustainable development. Three distinguished experts were invited to the panel: Sophie You from CTBC Financial Holding, Roland Chiang from Delta in the high-tech industry, and Harris Cheng from Greenvines in the startup sector. The experts delved into the increasingly significant role of ESG in Taiwanese corporations and government sectors, providing practical insights into how businesses can incorporate sustainability into their strategies.

To highlight Taiwan's efforts in the digital and sustainable business transformation, the College of Management also arranged a corporate visit to Advantech Linko Smart Campus. The visit was hosted by Mr. Eric Chen, the General Manager of Advantech, hosted the visit and introduced the company. Following that, Mr. Chaney, Co-Founder of Advantech, shared insights into the company's business transformation journey, corporate ethos, talent development initiatives, and its sustainable vision.

The Gala Dinner was held at the Kun Lun Room of the Grand Hotel Taipei. The expansive floor-to-ceiling windows provided a panoramic view of the Taipei night skyline. Set against the historical ambiance of the Grand Hotel, the evening was enhanced with a traditional Taiwanese puppetry performance, adding to the festive atmosphere. It was an enjoyable evening with lively interactions between guests and hosts.

The conference's grand finale featured a keynote speech by Professor Lee-Feng Chien, former General Manager of Google Taiwan, and current Board Member of Appier. Professor Chien discussed the evolution of AI and its impact on future businesses. The Panel Discussion was moderated by Dean Lailani Laynesa Alcantara from School of Management at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University's. The panel included Professor Seungwoo Kwon, Associate Dean of the Business School at Korea University, Professor Fathony Rahman, Dean of the School of Business and Economics at Prasetiya Mulya University in Indonesia, and international MBA student Calvin from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. Together, they explored how to embody sustainability in the digital age, sparking lively discussions both on and off the stage.

The meeting began with Dr. Betty Chung, the AAPBS Secretariat, introducing the new member school, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology. Following this introduction, Professor Chia-Ming Sun, the Associate Dean of the College of Management at National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, delivered a speech on behalf of the institution. As the conference ended, an invitation was extended to the next host of the AAPBS conference, Dean Kim, Seong Moon from the School of Management at Yonsei University, who promoted the 2024 Academic Conference and welcomed everyone to Korea next year. Finally, the closing remarks were delivered by Dean Shing-yang Hu of the College of Management, bringing a fulfilling conclusion to the 2023 AAPBS Annual Meeting.

The post-conference cultural experience activities, including a tour of the National Taiwan University campus, a visit to the National Palace Museum, a traditional Chinese medicine experience in Dadaocheng, and a tea tasting experience in Dadaocheng, delved deeply into Taiwanese culture, introducing its unique features to our international guests.

Hosting the annual meeting not only provided a platform for academic exchange between Taiwanese business and management schools and those in the Asia-Pacific region but also enhanced Taiwan's visibility and influence within international organizations.