Momentum of Research: SHEU JIUH-BIING of College Management on Way to Top Publishers
 2017-02-12 更新

  At the end of the 2016 College of Management Cross-discipline Sharing was the grand finale led by Prof. Xu Ju-Bing of College Management to share with us his experiences as editor of a top periodical publisher. Prof. Xu amicably shared with the faculty present two subjects: 1. Experiences of research works and submitting works to a top publisher, and 2. Comment as a chief editor of Transportation Research, Part E. The faculty enthusiastically exchanged ideas, and in the end Prof. Xu concluded that everyone will have his/her finest moment; find it and make the best out of it. Carefully observe every discipline and every corner; whoever can influence you in your life and somehow inspire you will be the angel that puts wings on your back, said Xu.