2024 GMBA & CHTI Proposal Competition
Final Presentation
 2024-06-19 更新

This is the second year in a row that GMBA collaborated with CHTI (ChungHwa Telecom International) to host a business proposal competition. After the submission day on May 10, 2024, 8 teams, Elsa, Eat Some Chicken, Niclo, MH370, A better way, ImpactCom4, Prot Plan and Taitinas were selected to come to the final presentation.  The final presentation started from 13:30 to 18:00 on May 24 in the Kingdom Hall at CoM 1.

The judges are from both CHTI (including the Vice President) and the GMBA professor. Each team has 20 minutes to present their proposal and 5 minutes for the judges to ask questions. The most nervous part was the order of presentation, which was determined by lottery.

Below was the presentation order and their proposal topic.

  1. Elsa: Energy Management System (EMS) for Manufacturing in India
  2. Taitinas: Carbon credit trading platform in Thailand
  3. Eat some chicken: Smart EV battery manufacturing: Foxconn’s upcoming EV factory in Thailand
  4. MH370: E2E – e-waste to energy project in Thailand
  5. Niclo: GoGate in Thailand
  6. Impact Com4: Smart Meter in India
  7. A better way: BeeTech in Singapore
  8. Prot Plan: Smart Port in Vietnam

After listening to all the teams’ presentations, the judges went into the other room to discuss and decide on the list of winners. The judges are amazed that all the teams have done a lot of research on the markets they are focusing on. Even some teams can correctly identify the areas that CHTI is working on. In the end, the judges selected 5 teams out of all 8 teams for the prizes below.

The 1st place: Elsa Team

The 2nd place: ImpactCom4

The 3rd place: Eat Some Chicken

The merit prices: Prot Plan and Taitinas.