2016 AAPBS: Asian Business Schools Rising on Their Own Way
 2017-02-12 更新
  The AAPBS Annual Meeting 2016 was held during Oct. 27 – 28 at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Seoul, S. Korea, where more than 100 deans and representatives of business school in Asia gathered to share their experiences and discuss the challenges and collaboration opportunities of innovation education in modern business schools as to provide high-level curriculums that meet the diversified demands from the business sector. Due to cultural differences, the management patterns adopted by Asian business management schools are not the same as the European and American management patterns, which can be observed in their decision-making processes. Asian business schools are similar yet independent to one another; cooperation among schools may leads to collaborative effect. Therefore, academic exchange and cooperation on cultivation of talents among Asian countries through AAPBS may create diversified business management education disciplines.