2017 NTU Day at Peking University: A Paradigm for international academic exchange has been set. Guanghua School of Management of Peking University and NTU College of Management are working together to cultivate first-grade leaders
 2017-05-26 更新
    The NTU Day event at Peking University, jointly organized by NTU and Peking University, has concluded on Apr. 4, 2017. The exchange between the two universities has started as early as 2010 when NTU Delegation, led by then current NTU President Li Si-Cen, visited Peking University, to which visit was replied with a visit to NTU the following year by the Peking University Delegation, led by then current President Zhou Qi-Feng. These mutual visits of unprecedented scale marked the prologue of bi-lateral exchange and materialized the establishment of a strategic alliance between the two universities. In 2016, Peking University Delegation, led by President Lin Jian-Hua, visited NTU and organized the PU Day at NTU. The event led to a second-round university theme day:

    From Apr. 25 thru 26, 2017, NTU Delegation, led by President Yang Pan-Chi visited Peking University and organized the NTU Day at Peking University. The mutual visits have since promoted exchanges and cooperation in various fields among the two universities, and the university theme day event have been greatly enriched in academic context.