Job Fairs on NTU campus for GIGABYTE
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Gigabyte Technology has laid out its global market strategy, with a diverse product line that includes computer hardware components such as motherboards and graphics cards, as well as consumer electronics products such as laptops and gaming monitors. In recent years, the growing popularity of the metaverse, along with the thriving development of the gaming industry, blockchain, and the stay-at-home economy, has driven continuous market demand. In order to keep up with the company's rapid growth in recent years, while continuously seeking technological advancements and talent acquisition, Gigabyte Technology offers competitive salary and benefits to attract talent, and provides an international platform for elites in various fields to unleash their full potential and develop their visionary dream blueprints. For more information about Gigabyte Technology's "Dream Goes On" recruitment campaign in 2023, please visit the official website:

技嘉科技事業版圖佈局全球市場,產品線多樣化,從主機板、顯示卡等電腦硬體零組件,跨足筆電、電競螢幕等消費性電子產品。近年因元宇宙話題發酵,加上電競產業、區塊鏈及宅經濟的蓬勃發展,推動市場需求持續成長。 為了跟上公司近年快速成長的步伐,同時不斷尋求技術進步和人才接軌,技嘉科技以具競爭力的薪資福利,吸引人才加入,並且提供一個國際市場舞台,讓各領域菁英盡情發揮,在這裡擘劃充滿願景的夢想藍圖。2023技嘉科技「夢想抵嘉」擴大徵才活動詳情,請見官方網站:

Contact: Peiying Huang
Sales Director of EMEA region