Words from the CEO
Developing core value via multi-integration, the milestone of achieving social innovation

According to the ranking listed by the CommonWealth Magazine from 2010-2017, NTU EMBA has been chosen as the 1st choice of EMBA programme by the Business Managers in the top 3000 Corporations for 8 consecutive years. In spite of our leading position in the EMBA education, we will continue in strengthening the core values of NTU EMBA, and aim at becoming a top world-renowned Business School. 

In the past, the main focus of Management Education had been maximizing the benefits for shareholders. This trend has been changing along with changes in the context and our society. The best Business Schools, such as Harvard, Columbia and MIT, have raised the question, ”What contributions can be made to the society by the corporations?” In fact, the one that have the greatest abilities and the most potentials are the top Business Managers and the Corporate owners, who not only possess the profession and resources, but also the vision. Through creating values, they will surely lead the society into a better future.

As the leading management education program in Taiwan, NTU EMBA surely wishes to involve in the value creation. In 2016, while NTU celebrated its 20th Anniversary, NTU EMBA has raised the concept of “Multi-integration” as our core value, setting a milestone towards “Social Innovation”. We wish our students will be able to embrace more social responsibilities, united as a whole to create a compact victory for both the corporations and our society.

Ever since our foundation in 1997, NTU EMBA has recruited the top elites from various industries, joining together at this platform to brainstorm, interact, debate and bring about new creations. As our students are from diversified background, including listed companies, New Starters, Investment Funds, Policy makers, Consulting firms, NGOs, NTU Garage, Laboratories, Schools, Social Activists…etc., It has formed a brand new Ecosystem that provides boundless imaginary space. We are able to discuss and implement interdisciplinary strategies right here, leading to Social Innovation.

Starting from 2015, NTU EMBA has put forward 4 values, including: Course Modularization, Learning Diversification, Alumni Interaction and Administrative consolidation. Among these 4 values, Course modularization has been further divided into 5 modules, including “Growth and Globalization”, “Entrepreneurship and Innovation”, ”Organizational Operation & Leadership”, “Organizational ownership &   evaluation” and “Economics & Finance”.

We have introduced a series of courses that consolidates different professional fields within the structure of the 5 modules. And at the same time, based on the spirit of “Mulit-integration”, we have emphasized the balance between Corporation interests and Social responsibilities, aiming at consolidating Management skills and business prosperity, which are built on knowledge acquisition and mentality nurture.

And for Learning Diversification, NTU EMBA has been introducing more cross-school courses. Our partners range from Fudan University, Renmin University of China, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Guanghua School of Management of Peking University and China Europe International Business School…etc. We have also invited world-class scholars to instruct courses, namely Professor Joseph P.H.Fan from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Professor Ming-Jer Chen from Darden School of Business, Professor Wenpin Tsai from University of Pennsylvania, Professor Min HUA from Fudan University, Professor Ho-Mou, Wu from China Europe International Business school. In 2015, we have begun our cooperation with Stanford University on our Overseas programme.

NTU EMBA has also put a lot of efforts in encouraging Alumni interaction. There are weekly journals, Alumni Lifelong Learning talks, Homecoming days and other alumni gatherings. In addition, alumni are welcomed to sit in selective courses since 2015. In 2016, we launched the “Executing Entrepreneurship” course, which emphasizes real-life practices, providing a platform for alumni and students to start their business. We recruit 10 professionals from the industries, 10 scholars and 10 Entrepreneurial teams each year, to work together and path for the future. A tradition has also been set up through the course-“Physical Strength & Personal Health management” since 1998, assisting our alumni on managing health for themselves, their families and their employees.

Last but not least, NTU EMBA has been optimizing Administrative Consolidation. We have reexamined the administrative process from Student Recruitment to Graduation, redefining the key purpose and goal at different stages. In recent years, we have been upgrading the academic, student activities and administrative processes. Among the new practices, ischool digitalization has been the key to active alumni network. The first stage has been done at the end of 2017.

More than 3,500 alumni has graduated from NTU EMBA. These elites who possesses profession, strength, passion and attention to Social Care, are not only the valuable resources for NTU, but also the future of our society. We wish all our members continue their efforts through multi-integration and social innovation, putting the NTU spirit that we take pride on-“ Contributing ourselves to the universe” into practice. 

NTU EMBA, the committed leaders that create values!
professor Hsieh Ming-Huei, EMBA CEO of College of Management