Words from the CEO
The most valuable asset in NTU is our spirit. The core value of our spirit is to pursue excellent tradition and history. When you are walking down the Royal Palm Boulevard, you can feel the pursuit of excellency of a world-class university. When you sit under Fu Bell, you will understand the motto of Principal Fu, “Contributing ourselves to the universe”. On the monument of Fu Bell, it stated, “There are only 21 hours a day, the other 3 hours is for meditation.” It is the reason why NTU EMBA emphasizes the ability of independent thinking.

In 1997, NTU established NTU EMBA as a pioneer in Taiwan, to provide a platform for executives and elites to pursue advanced studies. The aim is to help the management talents to acquire a deep understanding of the world, transboundary concepts. We have also been chosen as the 1st choice of EMBA program by the Business Managers.

Our academic team is second to no one in Taiwan. We have more than 110 full-time professors, most of them graduated from top universities around the world. Our world-class academic team not only contributes to academic pursuit, but also to the industries, NGOs and even the government. There is no doubt that we play an important role and contribution to Taiwan’s economic developments. 

The implementation of academic knowledge is one of NTU EMBA’s emphasis, especially field learning and experience, e.g. overseas courses. We are expanding the cross-school course selection system and at the same time, we have put forward more partnered courses collaborations with the top universities in the U.S. and Europe. 

Moreover, our course modularization has been further divided into 5 modules, including “Growth and Globalization”, “Entrepreneurship and Innovation”,” Organizational Operation & Leadership”, “Organizational ownership &   evaluation” and “Economics & Finance”.

NTU EMBA’s continual devotion to strengthen 01234 core strategy. 

Starting from 0

We encourage our student to restart their learning from the very beginning, regardless of their career achievement. It is important to start with the management basics again.

1 platform

We offer a platform that gathers elites from different industries. It is a place to create value and influence. NTU EMBA has over 4,000 alumni with a huge diversity. It is a place for our students to show their potential and unleash their influence to the society.

2 kinds of learning

It is important to learning from both our first class professors and first class classmates. Our members are the best mentor for career development and life.

3 kinds of viewpoints

We encourage our students to have a diversified and active viewpoint. Our students should be able to analyze from the viewpoint of Taiwan, Asia and the World. We stand with you to challenge traditional wisdom and the mainstream viewpoint.

4 qualities
There are 4 qualities that we treasure: (1) pursuing competition and cooperation, (2) daring (3) enjoying the fun and (4) continual growing and transforming.

professor Liu Chi-Chun , EMBA CEO of College of Management