Admission for the EMBA Taipei Class

This executive program recruits students once per year only. The program brochure with admission details can be obtained through the download link on this website in later September ever year. Below information is therefore for your reference only as the actual admission policies are stated in the brochure of that academic year.


A. Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission, a candidate must have successfully completed the following:


  1. A bachelor degree at a Ministry of Education accredited national or international undergraduate college / university; or educational level as qualified to take the master degree entrance examination as stated in “Standards for Recognition of Equivalent Educational Level As Qualified for Entry University”.
  2. Over 10 year work experiences for candidates possess a bachelor degree (or equivalent educational level as qualified for Entry University); over 8 year work experiences for candidates possess a master degree; over 6 year work experiences for candidates possess a PhD degree; all candidates’ work experiences must be supported by certificate(s) of service.


    Remark 1: If the candidate is in post during the application period, his or her work experience can be counted until the examination date.

    Remark 2: Years of serving in military can be counted as work experience (a copy of the army discharge paper must be provided accordingly).

    Remark 3: Candidates, who already obtained 30 credits from or received passing grades (B- or over 70%) for management / economic courses (non-repeatable) through Ministry of Education accredited undergraduate master’s degree, can obtain extra 2 years of work experience with supportive evidences such as the original or copied academic transcript(s).


  4. Other registration qualifications are stated in the program brochure.
  5. For overseas Chinese students, Hong Kong and Macao residents and international students, who wish to take the admission examinations, they have to follow stipulations stated in “Regulations Regarding Study and Counseling Assistance for Overseas Chinese Students in Taiwan’, “Regulations for Hong Kong and Macao Resident studying in Taiwan” and “Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan”.


B.Admission Quota

For the NTU EMBA Taipei class, there are totally 5 study groups including: business administration, accounting and management decision, finance, international business and information technology.

Below is the admission quota for each group based on the 2015 admission information:

Study Groups Admission Quota
Business Administration 43 Students
Accounting and Management Decision-Making 24 Students
Finance 30 Students
International Business 43 Students
Information Technology 24 Students
C.Admission Period
Normally the Taipei class starts recruiting students in Q4 every year and has classes started in June the next year. For detailed school timetable, please refer to the program brochure of that academic year.
D.Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation criteria of the Taipei class include application examinations and interviews:

  1. The application examination refers to the process of examining candidates’ submitted data
  2. For selected candidates who have passed the application examination, they will have interviews processed based on their applied study groups.
  3. The evaluation criteria and proportion may be adjusted every year. For detailed information, please refer to the program brochure of that academic year.
E.Other Details

1. Course Schedule:

The Taipei class officially starts in June the year after the application dateline. Based on the schedule of compulsory courses, this executive program is divided into two types of classes:

Class Types Course Schedule
Thursday Class Core compulsory courses on Thursday afternoons and nights
Weekend Class Core compulsory courses on alternate Saturday and Sunday mornings and afternoons
It is important to pay extra attention that the core compulsory courses need to be taken during the first academic year, whereas other courses (core elective, group required and elective courses) will be arranged on the weekend in principal.

2. Course Location:

The course location of Taipei class is mainly based in the NTU College of Management.