Case Classroom
E.Sun Hall
As NTU College of Management’s first seminar room, “E.Sun Hall” was officially opened in 2006. Donated by E.Sun Bank, E. Sun Hall is the first case classroom in the nation. Located on the 3rd floor of the NTU College of Management building I, the classroom has its design emphasized on the audio-visual requirement of a globe theater like classroom. By offering teachers and learners a space to sufficiently interact with each another, it has created a “learner-centered” learning environment to help participants establishing logic of making a comprehensive decision.
Kindom Hall
NTU College of Management’s second case classroom “Kindom Hall” was officially launched in 2007. Donated by the Chairman of Kindom Construction, Yu-Shan Ma, this brand new case classroom on the 2nd floor of NTU College of Management building I has copied U.S. Harvard Business School’s pattern as a learner-centered platform adopted case teaching methods.
Jhong Guang Hall
Donated by Yu-Mei Chen, the alumnus of NTU EMBA Class 2002 and Taipei city councilor, and Bin-Fu Chen, the student association president of year 2007, NTU College of Management’s third case classroom “Jhong Guang Hall” was officially launched in 2009. She donated in the name of “Chen Jhong Guang Foundation” for remembering her father. To remember her father’s kind actions of giving alms, to actively promote social welfare as well as the athletic and education spirits, to implement his father’s concept of “acquiring the talents and educating them”, Yu-Mei Chen wishes to provide an even more excellent teaching environment to her alma mater in order to cultivate more senior management talents in the country.