1999 20th anniversary & 2009 10th anniversary alumni reunion
Activity day:2019-05-19 
Published At:2019-08-26 
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20th Anniversary of 1999 class

The reunion was hosted on 19th May. It took place at the embedded memorial, with a topic of “Summer 88 Vacation”. We’re honored to have Professor Guo Ruey-Shan(郭瑞祥), Dean of College of Management, professor Ko Chen-En(柯承恩), former Dean of College of Management, professor Hsieh Ming-Huei(謝明慧), EMBA CEO of College of Management, Professor Tang Ming-Je(湯明哲) and Professor Huang Chung-Hsing(黃崇興), former EMBA CEO of College of Management to attend the reunion.

Professor Guo addressed in his speech that our students are all one of the kind, especially the first few classes. It is also a precise memory in his teaching life. He also gave his blessings to the alumni, hoping that their friendship, business and life to be successful and satisfactory.

Professor Hsieh gave a briefing to the alumni on the major developments of NTU EMBA over these 2 decades, especially the future planning and development, and encouraged the alumni to join the school activities more frequently.

Another activity for the 1999 class is called “the Masterclass-on transformation strategy of retirement life”. We specially invited the former dean, Professor Ko, foremer EMBA CEOs Professor Tang and Professor Huang to be our hosts, sharing about their viewpoints on their retirement life and planning.

In addition, to continue the Hawaiian style of the graduation ceremony back in 1999, the alumni all dressed in Hawaiian shirts and flower necklaces after the above activities. Following the instruction of a fitness coach, the alumni actively performed the Hula dance. The atmosphere was full of relaxing and exotic Hawaiian vibes.

10th Anniversary of 2009 class
The title of the reunion is called “the 2nd School starting day”. It is attended by professor Guo Ruey-shan, Dean of College of Management, professor Hsieh Ming-Huei, EMBA CEO of College of Management, Professor Huang Chung-Hsing and Professor Lee Ji-Ren(李吉仁), former EMBA CEO of College of Management. Professor Huang and Professor Guo were the class tutors respectively for class 98A and class 98B. There is a special bonding between the professors and the students.

Professor Guo was very impressed by the excellent performance of the 2009 class. In addition to their excellency in softball, the alumni also hold an ongoing record of NTU Marathon for consecutively 7 years. He gave his blessings to all the alumni and wish that their friendship will last another 20 years, even 30 years.

Professor Hsieh gave a briefing on the developments over the decade. She specially highlighted the establishment of P.E. lesson by the 2009 class. It is a milestone of EMBA and therefore there are always seats reserved for the alumni in this lesson. She also encouraged the alumni to join the new courses. She said, “Responsibilities come along with abilities. Our power can be stronger if we can gather more resources.” She wished that all the alumni would work hand in hand with EMBA to create positive values for the society.

The alumni enjoyed the life lessons instructed by the masters, which refreshed their memories of the old days as students and also encouraged them to think about their future ahead. After the end of the activity at the College of Management, the alumni went to the “Youth celebration” banquet with the professors. All the members enjoyed KTV and the video recap of the events. It was overwhelmed by passion and friendship among the members. It is our pleasure to have all of you as our alumni and we wish that you may visit us more often!