[2019 EMBA Graduation Ceremony] A transboundary learning platform, with a spirit of multi-social integration and innovation
Activity day:2019-06-15 
Published At:2019-08-26 
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Ever since its establishment in 1997, NTU EMBA has been gathering elites from various industries every year, to exchange, communicate and learn innovatively on our platform. We are proud to have more than 4,000 alumni so far, who are not only professionals, but also elites who have the passion and compassion for our society. The 2019 graduation ceremony was held on 15th, June at the NTU Sports Center. 219 graduates joined our thorough alumni network this year. The ceremony started off with the speech of professor Guo Ruey-shan(郭瑞祥), Dean of College of Management and Professor Lu Xiongwen(陸雄文), Dean, School of Management, Fudan University. 10 years ago, NTU took the pioneering move ahead of the peers to establish the NTU-Fudan Joint Program. We have built a learning platform with diverse culture, which prospers over the decade. This platform has nurtured the strong connection between the businessmen across the strait, and has integrated the academic and social connections between NTU and Fudan. Our platform is highly valued by the executives of both sides, as it provides insight to the future developments of cross-strait economy and corporations.

Mr. Li Zhen(李真), the representative of the graduates of NTU-Fudan joint program, pointed out that the diversified points of view, materials and situations are the realization of the mulit-culture of NTU-Fudan program. The world thus becomes different and splendid, while the business becomes interesting and exciting. In the past 3 years, he and the fellow peers have acquired more methods and tools to handle different situations. With the help of their academic studies, they have learnt to see things differently. It is important to break through the traditional mindset whenever it is necessary.

In 2017, NTU EMBA firstly highlighted the value of social innovation. We then brought a social innovation case study into our foundation course in 2018. And starting from 2019, as stated by professor Hsieh Ming-Huei(謝明慧), EMBA CEO of College of Management, we will take more actions to strengthen the connections and integrate the resources among universities and alumni, to support the building of start-up team that put the spirit of social innovations into practice. The guest speaker of the ceremony, Mr. Charles Yen(顏漏有), is the founder of AAMA Taipei and the director of Social Enterprise Insights. Mr. Yen pointed out that the graduates should be the committed leaders who lead the social innovations, and react to social issues with innovative methods. He also stated that as one of the EMBA members, it is our responsibility to take actions and realize social innovations. Our members are the elites that can influence the society. We should be brave to explore all the meaningful possibilities for our life and believe that, our efforts will pay off and change the future. Last but not least, Taiwan’s society will become better with our united power and actions.

Professor Chung-Ming Kuan(管中閔), Principal of NTU also attended the graduation ceremony to encourage the graduates. He quoted his point of view regarding social responsibilities, “Living in the age of digitalization, we have to learn about this whole new world with new viewpoints. The key of social responsibilities is to make god use of our influence and ability, to push improvements for Taiwan’s society. Your task after the graduation, is to learn to positively perceive the value of the next generation and to cooperate with them, and drive social innovations together.”

George Chou(周釧培), the representative of graduates of Taipei program, especially thanked the professors for their efforts and time. He concluded the teaching features of NTU EMBA as follow: guided teaching, multi-immergence, highly valued team spirit and encouraging start-ups, social innovations and social network platforms with no boundaries…etc. Last but not least, all the graduates chorus Seasons of Love, the theme song of Broadway musical “RENT”, to celebrate their friendship, passion for life and their memories of these 3 years.

“Class Dismiss! It’s the end of your student life and a new page of your life is just about to start! Professor Hsieh Ming-Huei gave her last blessings to the graduates.