2019 NTU EMBA Alumni Forum in Shanghai-"The deep conversation between the industry and the authority"
Activity day:2019-10-26 
Published At:2019-11-13 
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This year, the Alumni Forum is titled “Cross-strait AI development trend and management”. It was held at the Aurora Museum in Shanghai on 26th October. The opening speech was addressed by Professor Chi-Chun Liu, the vice Dean of NTU college of Management and the CEO of NTU EMBA. Professor Liu welcomed all the Alumni from both sides and wished that the forum could serve as a platform to unite the alumni in AI-related industries. AI has been a hot topic in recent years and this forum has provided a great opportunity for industries and the authority to exchange ideas and interact more closely. After the forum, the alumni also paid a visit to a Keenon, a Shanghai IT company famous for developing and producing robots that deliver meals.

NTU alumni and exports in the AI technology are invited to be the speakers at the forum. Topics are as follow: “AI development and Policies arrangement in Taiwan”, hosted by Dr. Yuh-Jzer Joung, professor of College of Information Management at NTU and the Executive at Science & Technology Policy Research & Information Center; “ The cross-domain talent demand and personal position at the AI era” hosted by Dr. Ted Kuo, the vice Dean of AI Faculty at NCTU, professor at the Peer department of AI Faculty, and also a NTU EMBA Alumnus; “The AI in reality”, hosted by Alex Chu, the 5th chairman of Information Management Student Association at NTU EMBA, and Mr. Allan Yiin, the Scientist and teacher of Deepbelief AI ; and “Sharing on the merging of AI and IoT technology”, hosted by Dr. Hua Wei Fang, the senior Solution Architect at Alibaba.

The forum topics are fruitful and diversified, including the history of AI development over 70 years, the actual application of AI intelligence around the world and across the straits, the presence and future development of AI. There is an analysis on the development trend built upon solid theories, a discussion on the associated regulations and policies, an introduction on the actual application, and industry analysis and observation. The experts discussed about how AI is affect everyone’s life and even change our society.

Lastly, the Q&A session is hosted by Professor Yuh-Jzer Joung. Exports and participants both agree: even if AlphaGo is going to be the world champion of Chess game, even if AI is making impact on human’s job opportunities, we still need not worry too much or be too optimistic about it either. AI is powerful in the way that it helps analyze massive information and identify rules, but it is still limited in the way that it cannot think or feel. For now, let’s “enjoy the technology!”, said by Professor Ted Kuo.