NTU EMBA's participation in the 3rd “Entrepreneurship and Succession” presentation- A journey full of trans-boundary rewards, inheritance of innovation and entrepreneurship.
Activity day:2019-12-18 
Published At:2020-06-20 
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The 3rd “Entrepreneurship and Succession” presentation was held by Kaohsiung Industry Development Association and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association. Unlike previous years, resources across North and South are gathered together to build a learning platform for the first time. On 18th December, 2019, NTU EMBA and NSYSU EMBA are invited to jointly host the presentation at “2019 Entrepreneurship and Succession”.

Mr. Chao-nan Chen, the Chairman of Kaohsiung Industry Development Association, Mr. Jun Kung, the former Chairman of Kaohsiung Industry Development Association and the Minister of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association, Mr. Kuang S. Yeh, the Vice-mayor of Kaohsiung City, Mr. Chi-Chun Liu, CEO of NTU EMBA, Mr. Shih-Chieh Hsu, CEO of NSYSU EMBA and Ms,Sophie Fang, President of EMBA Magazine, gladly attended the presentation.

Mr. Yeh, the Vice-mayor of Kaohsiung City addressed at the presentation that, Kaohsiung city government greatly values the importance of entrepreneurship and inheritance within the corporations. Enterprisers are welcomed to start their business or invest in Kaohsiung. Mr. Chen, the Chairman of Kaohsiung Industry Development Association said, in addition to the topic of success in the past 2 years, the new topic this year would be inheritance. It is also the first time for EMBA programs from both North and South to have their elite students presented at the event. The distance between 2 places is greatly shortened and it is indeed a golden opportunity for the participants to interact and learn from each other.

There are altogether 4 teams from NTU EMBA and NSYSU EMBA respectively, circling on 2 topics- Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Inheritance. Experts from the industry, government, Academy and Research are invited to give comments and suggestions, opening a dialogue between the entrepreneurs and enterprisers, and thus co-creating magnificent values.

The representatives from NTU EMBA in the Innovation & Entrepreneurship group are Kelly Liao from KuoBrothers, (2018C) and Li Chang from Sunfun Info. Co. (2019A). While for the Inheritance group, the representatives are Ching-Hui Tsai from Taiwan KK Group (2018C), and Thomas Lin from TRISCO (2019C). Representatives from NSYSU EMBA are from COTTAI Ltd., Caware, Walton School and Taiwan Alum Chemical Co. Ltd.

“It’s just remarkable!” said Mr. Liu, the CEO of NTU EMBA. He praised the 8 representatives for sharing their admirable experience in details in just 15 minutes. Mr. Liu said the “Entrepreneurship and Succession” is a platform that gathers the EMBA elites, providing great opportunities for EMBA students from North and South to communicate and broaden their horizon. He also encouraged the students to examine the innovations and inheritance of the business with a diversified point of view.

NTU EMBA representatives, Kelly Liao, Li Chang, Ching-Hui Tsai and Thomas Lin, all paid a lot of efforts in the preparation despite being extremely busy at work and study. They condensed their business development history and personal insights into their speech, and shared with all the participants selflessly. EMBA office also invited professor Ruey-Shan Guo to give one on one instructions to the representatives before the event. With the thorough preparation, NTU EMBA demonstrated our professional knowledge and attitude at the event.

Mr. Yu Ren Xie, the Chairman-elect of Kaohsiung Industry Development Association (2017 NTU-Fudan class), members of NTU EMBA Student Association and a number of alumni also attended the event. Their practical action has demonstrated the passion and team spirit of NTU EMBA