24th EMBA Orientation Day- Warm welcome to the 2020 class
Activity day:2019-12-15 
Published At:2020-07-09 
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The 2020 EMBA Orientation was held on 15th, December, 2019. New students are welcomed by a grand and warm ceremony, with the presence of professor Shing-Yang Hu, Dean of College of Management, professor Chi-Chun Liu, EMBA CEO of College of Management, professor Chia-Wei Kuo, Chairperson of Department of Business Administration, professor Shuen-Zen Liu, Chairperson of Department of Accounting, professor Keng-Yu Ho, Chairperson of Department of Finance, professor Yung-Chih Lien, Chairperson of Department of International Business, professor Chien-Chin Chen, Chairperson of Department of Information Management. The gathering of top leaders and managers from different fields had demonstrated the core value of NTU EMBA “ embrace diversities , dare to innovate.”

Our Dean, professor Shing-Yang Hu, welcomed all the new students on behalf of NTU. He briefly walked us through the history of NTU College of Management and then introduced the “Restart of 4 digits” to encourage the students:

Starting from “0” 
Our students are elites from various industries. But when the students should expect changes when they join the EMBA family. And to change, everything has to go back to the very start first.

Unifying into “1”
Theories and practices should be unified as a whole. Practices can be complicated and chaotic Theories are great tools to understand practices. Put what you learn from theories into practice. Students’ actions should be aligned with theories and they should keep practicing over time. At the end, theories and practices will be unified.

Training in “2” ways
Students should pursue both their studies and their health.

When “3” are walking together, I am sure to find teachers among them.
Students are encouraged to learn not just from the professors, but also the classmates and alumni.

Professor Chi-Chun Liu welcomed the students for joining the big NTU EMBA family. All our students are enterprisers or managers in different industries. Building a career is like sailing in the ocean, NTU EMBA is the telescope in one’s hand, helping our students to stay confident and maintain a clear direction.

Echoing the theme of 2020 enrollment “Seek changes, create differences”, Professor Lis said “All of you have your own profession, what NTU EMBA offers you is the confidence. To help you become more confident, be brave to challenge traditional wisdom, and dare to be different.” Lastly, professor Liu encouraged the students with NTU’s motto” Integrity, Diligence, Fidelity, and Compassion”. He wishes the students to study hard, be compassionate and bring more positivity to the society.

CHIH-HAO LIN, Chairperson of the 16th  EMBA Student Association and other members also attended the ceremony to welcome all the new students. They introduced the members of the Student Association and important activities. The aim of the Student Association is to provide a healthy and enjoyable platform to the students. All students are welcomed to join the activities! Mr. Lin said “We have to remember that we are students once again! Returning to school means we have to start learning again, learn to be a listener, learn to join a new team, and learn to reshape a healthy body and soul.”

Mr. Dingqian Wang, the Chairperson of NTU EMBA Alumni Association (NTU EMBA AA), Mr. Rong Ho, CEO of NTU EMBA AA, and Ms. Yu-Sin Chin, Secretary-general of NTU EMBA AA introduced the mission of the alumni association-“To serve the alumni, unify our fellow members, support NTU and contribute to our society.” They also introduced the functions of the organization and welcomed the students. Mr. Ho said “Starting from day 1, you are already the alumni of NTU EMBA. Please feel free to enjoy your student’s life and let’s take on more social responsibilities. We look forward to have a glorious journey with you at NTU EMBA!”

The student representatives from the five Management Institutes received banners the professors to mark the beginning of their studies. It also symbolized the school motto of " Integrity, Diligence, Fidelity, and Compassion"

After the ceremony, the students took the first group photo at the entrance hall. Classes then met their mentors and made self-introduction to know each other better. Students from the five institutes are separated into three classes, each with different backgrounds and specialties. 

Congratulations on having a brand new start and welcome again to NTU EMBA. Let’s start from 0 to learn again, and together we shall fight in the future with courage!