[EMBA Active Report] Big Data for Competitive Edge: Newly Offered “Big Data Based Consumer Insight and Marketing Innovation”
Activity day:2016-12-23 
Published At:2016-12-23 
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Big Data rules. As corporate leaders, NTU EMBA students seek for corporate transformation and competitive edge, and our answer is a course called “Big Data Based Consumer Insight and Marketing Innovation”, newly offered since this Month (Dec. 22). This new course covers Commerce 4.0, business ecology, and marketing frontier extension. In particular, Big Data Prospect, the much talked about recently, is used to explore new applications that may be found amidst the progress of innovating marketing to obtain consumer insight, market segment features, and user profiling, as to effectively realize revenue.

How does a computer overwhelms the world champion in chess? How does Google use keyword prediction to predict an outbreak of influenza? How does Twitter use tweets to predict Facebook stock price? These interesting questions may be answered by system analysis based on Big Data. Big Data no longer hides in the clouds; it can’t be seen, nor can be touched, but it is everywhere, and no business feels the omnipresence of Big Data better than retail business, the one that has the shortest distance from consumers. As e-commerce running 27/7/365 services, a quiet storm of Big Data is coming. A new world order in global industry is about to be re-shuffled by waves after waves of novel business models.


However, with Big Data, the inconvenient situation of guessing between businesses and customers is no more. Marketing is no longer fix-as-you-go. Corporate now can use scientific data to predict tomorrow and profile customers’ preferences. When combined with marketing, Big Data turns the commonly known 4Ps: Product, Price, Promotion, and Place, to address more about people-centered customer engagement. Data can tell about next season’s trend, customers’ preference, and relation between weather and sales, and businesses may use more standardized and objective source of information to establish marketing strategies and convert their core values into sales.

While Big Data is riding on the peak of a new wave, NTU EMBA, the leader in high-level management education, is dedicated to the planning and development of new courses to satisfy the learning needs of the elites in all industries. The students of this new course include Taipei Class and Fudan Program and of years from 1997 to 2014. Their purpose lifetime learning is served and their learning results are expected to be introduced into their businesses.


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