[EMBA Activity Report] Further evolving body, mind, and spirit. New program: Body-Mind-Spirit Balance for Leaders
Activity day:2016-11-08 
Published At:2016-11-08 
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The Body-Mind-Spirit Balance for Leaders, or BMS, newly offered since Nov. 3 and aims to help students to know themselves better and enhance students’ body, mind, and spirit balance, opens for students of NTU Fudan Program and China Europe International Business School EMBA. This 4-day program is co-hosted by Professor Li Si-Cen, former NTU president. The faculty profile includes medicine, philosophy, physics, physical education, psychology, and Buddhism. Medication is also practiced at Fagushan. This program intends to further refine study through discussion on different levels and physical practice.  
Radiate positive force; you are the axle. 
The common phrase of “Perfecting oneself, family, nation, and then the world” is to remind people about the importance of internalization, which is also the core value of this program. Internalization can be divided into 3 parts of body, mind, and spirit: 1. Body: Maintain your physical health. 2. Mind: How do you recognize everything in this universe? 3. Spirit: How do you maintain peace and happiness. Do you score yourself after one day’s hardworking? 90? 96? Perhaps you are already at high-above position, but you will always miss something, such as your health, family, or interpersonal relation. In this modern time that emphasizes on diversity, the capacity as a fine leader should include not only professional knowledge, but also the skill of internalization. Therefore, you must understand how to reset yourself back to zero, trigger even deeper changes of your mind and spirit, and expand this positive force to family, company, and then the society, so you may enjoy a life with liberated body and mind. 
From inside out; build a health account for life.
Break away from regular classroom concept. In addition to teaching textbook theories, this 4-day program also take students out for a stretch. Students learn to make time out from their busy business schedule and maintain routine exercise. Students also learn about avoiding eat to be sick and achieving balanced nutrition through food selection and diet plan. After the first 2 days of the program, students leave campus and visit Fagushan to practice meditation, which is a way to learn relaxation and peace. To keep focused, students are not to talk and refrain from using cellphones or computers, a big challenge for high-ranking managers accustomed to use electronic products around the clock. However, this may help them to calm their minds and souls and begin a dialogue with themselves and know themselves, and find the blind spots they don’t see otherwise, and make breakthrough. 
Hand in hand to fulfill social innovation together 
This year is the 20th anniversary of NTU EMBA. From passing knowledge to developing body, mind, and spirit, the transitional progress, on top of professional courses, also constantly offers physical fitness and health management, culture and life, and science and life, courses that transcend across curricular boundaries to help high-ranking managers to realize comprehensive growth through learning, and at the same time to understand that they bear the missions of corporate and social responsibilities. NTU EMBA is a platform that provides endless energy for social innovation.
Teachers and students
Learning calming and deeper self-understanding through meditation practice.