“Double-Ten at NTU, 1010 Cycling Around Island“: 2016 Cycling Around Island
Activity day:2016-10-13 
Published At:2016-10-13 
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Cycling Around Island this year, organized by Li Wen-Cai and Class 2015C, finished 10-day tour from Oct. 1 to Oct. 10. Having experienced the fierce sun at Western Taiwan and torrential rain at Eastern Taiwan, our cyclists finished this grand tour with unparalleled persistence and endurance.  Companionship and cheering from bicycle teams along the way.


Special thanks to Dean Guo Rei-Xiang and CEO Xie Ming-Hui for their visits and cheering. Also thanks to Weng Chong-Xiong for riding along with us.


See you at 2017 Cycling Around Island next year!