【EMBA Bulletin】 Announcement of Campus Smoking Ban at National Taiwan University.
Activity day:2013-07-09 
Published At:2013-07-09 
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【EMBA Bulletin】

According to the results of NTU’s 2592nd administrative meeting held on 29 SEP 2009, the “National Taiwan University Management Guidelines for Outdoor Smoking Area” was stipulated based on regulations stated on Article 15 and 16 of Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act as well as regulations of Campus Self-Governance. That is, smoking is banned in every corner of our school. In case of discovering someone violating the rules, it is a must to report to Campus Security Guard. As students reported to NTU for many times that there were people smoking around College of Management, we would like to ask for EMBA students and alumni’s assistance of complying with the school rules during the school day.


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