MIT Group donates NT 5M Dollars to establish ‘National Taiwan University/MIT Scholarship’
Activity day:2012-05-22 
Published At:2012-05-22 
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Picture: The Chancellor of the National Taiwan University, Si-Chen Lee (middle), represented NTU to accept NT 5M dollars’ check from the Chief Executive of MIT, Gaifang (蓋方). The Chairman of the Board of Testrite Group, Tang-Xiong He, is on the right in the picture.

The chief Executive of MIT Group, Gaifang and the Chairman of the Board of Testrite Group, Tang-Xiong He were classmates. They all commit to promote education sharing between Taiwan and China.

To reach the goal, Gaifang and Mr. He decided that each business in Taiwan and China donates 5 million dollars (RMB 1M) after 100 years from the Xinhai Revolution. They establish scholarships to support 100 excellent students in NTU and Fudan University for exchange studies. After ‘Fudan University Testrite Scholarship’ has been established since last November, ‘National Taiwan University MIT Scholarship’ has been funded this March. 

‘National Taiwan University MIT Scholarship’ has established a new milestone on the exchange of education and talents on both sides of the Strait. In sharing, Tang-Xiong He and Gaifung also realized that the relation across the Strait is becoming closely. They hope to fund scholarship jointly to build a bridge for cultural sharing and therefore encourage students in Taiwan and China to understand mutually and cooperate closely. MIT Group was founded in 1992, servicing automobile industry. Now, MIT Group provides three key technology platform, electronic information, machinery hydraulic system and fine chemistry, including automobile aftermarket services. After the Chief Director, Gaifang, has successful result in the industry, he commits himself in the public welfare. At this moment, he is pioneering in it to raise awareness on cultivating future talents on both sides of the Strait.

The ceremony of this donation was hosted by the Chancellor of NTU, Si-Chen Lee. The Chief Executive of MIT Group, Gaifang, donated RMB 1M (5M NTD). The title of MIT Group has been adopted to fund ‘National Taiwan University MIT Scholarship’ that will be used to support excellent students in NTU to study in China.