2016 NTU-Fudan EMBA Opening Ceremony Held Ardently!
Activity day:2017-02-24 
Published At:2017-03-01 
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The 7th NTU-Fudan EMBA overseas program, co-founded by National Taiwan University and Fudan University, Shanghai and nearly 60 students from both sides gathered in College of Management, NTU on Feb. 24th, attending the freshmen opening ceremony. After the ceremony, an exchange luncheon was held to share learning experiences and EMBA diversified activities with NTU Student Association.

Teachers were invited to the opening ceremony for EMBA Fudan class in Taiwan, delivering speeches to boost the students’ morale. 
From the left: President of Academic Affairs, NTU, Kuo, Hung-Chi, Deputy Dean of College of Management, Fudan University, Yin, Zhi-Wen,  Dean of College of Management, NTU, Guo, Ruey-Shan and Deputy Dean and EMBA CEO of College of Management. Dr. Hsieh, Ming-Huei.

Representing the University, President of Academic Affairs, NTU, Kuo, Hung-Chi welcomed the freshmen to join NTU this big family and recognized the importance of NTU-Fudan EMBA in cross-strait exchanges. Deputy Dean of College of Management, Fudan University, Yin, Zhi-Wen attended this ceremony in person and expressed, “Although it’s a rainy day, the rain washes away the smog in the air and brings cherished water resources which means we’re all lucky here.”

Dean of College of Management, NTU, Guo, Ruey-Shan shared the WIN strategy from EMBA with the second curve:
W (Wow Experience)-Experiencing life and leisure activities, bonding affections and enhancing vitality;
I (Integrated Thinking)--Cross-industry alliance, structural integration, putting knowledge into practice and advancing proficiency and skills;
N (Network and Platform)-Establish a network, co-found a business, set up a vision, create the value.

And 7 elements of EMBA winners(**):
V (Vision) Develop a “vision” and pursue the meaning. 
I (Integrity) Value “integrity” and set up a model. 
C (Commitment) Keep the“promise”and achieve the goal.  
T (Talent) Advance “abilities” and learn for a lifetime. 
O (Openness) Open your “mind” and embrace social life. 
R (Righteousness) Uphold the “justice” and help people in need.  
Y (Youth) Stay “young” and live happily.

The students are advised to highlight integrity at workplace and always keep a young heart.  

Deputy Dean and EMBA CEO of College of Management. Dr. Hsieh, Ming-Huei encouraged the students that aside from academic learning, extra-curricular activities and exchanges after graduation should be valued as well and students should keep open-minded toward convergence of diversity where with elites from various fields gathering here, it’s beneficial to think outside the box, to be good at forming an alliance and willing to share with others. NTU is a treasure house with abundant resources, waiting for your discovery to open up a brand new horizon.

EMBA Alumni Association welcomed the join of school brothers and sisters. 
From the left: President of EMBA Alumni Association, Wu, De-Feng, school sister with NTU-Fudan Class 2010 and CEO of Alumni Association, Chen, Yi-Jun, school sister with NTU-Fudan Class 2011, Wang, Ya-Shan, NTU-Fudan Class 2012, Wan, Guan-Li and NTU-Fudan Class 2013, Guo, Ya-Ling

President of EMBA Alumni Association, Wu, De-Feng, on behalf of school brothers and sisters, welcomed the NTU freshmen and introduced leaders and organizational operation of the alumni association, accompanied by the former school brothers and sisters with the NTU-Fudan class, sharing learning experiences with the freshmen. 

CEO of Alumni Association and school sister of The 1st NTU-Fudan class, Chen, Yi-Jun, stated that classmates should cherish their own expertise and resources on hands where contribute money if you have money and contribute labor if you have strength on activities. Moreover, the foundation of NTU-Fudan Association is under application in an effort of establishing a sense of belonging for Fudan classmates. Adding to the vertical integration of NTU-Fudan classmates, a horizontal merger with school brothers and sisters of NTU EMBA to create an affectional tie.   

School sister, Wang, Ya-Shan with the nick name, “superwoman” introduced four student sport clubs to the freshmen, including softball, badminton, golf and yoga club (dance club) respectively. In addition, Alumni Association will team up to take part in the upcoming NTU campus marathon in April; she also recommended Fudan classmates to participate in   Gobi Challenge Race, Sun Moon Lake Swimming Carnival, cycling around Taiwan, climbing Yushan and the new ironman… After experiencing these events and challenges, students will understand themselves in a different way. 

School sister, Wan, Guan-Li highly recommended golf club by interestingly saying that even she could make the par 72 so would others! School sister, Guo, Ya-Ling urged the students to frequently participate in activities and attend the class in your classroom to avoid the uncomfortable dependent feeling when making up for the missing class with other classes.

Students of Fudan class attended a campus tour, making a departure from College of Management, bypassing the palm avenue, school entrance, Fu Bell and to NTU Museums.

Followed by listening to teachers’ encouragement and school brothers and sisters’ experience sharing from both sides, NTU-Fudan classmates was led by the University tour guide for a campus tour to get to know NTU well. Standing at the palm avenue of NTU, a symbol of endless of life and growth at the sight aligning with the magnificent and straight avenue facing the library, Thumb Mountain is in your view by looking into the distance, lining up with the axis to the East and conveys the expectation to NTU students’ outstanding performance.  Furthermore, Fu Bell with 21 rings each time reminds of the thinking attitude, asserted by President Si-Nien Fu: “There’re only 21 hours a day, for the rest 3 hours are for meditation.” 
NTU-Fudan classmates were surprised at the delicate fortress pattern of NTU school entrance rather than a grand one. The predecessor of NTU is Japanese Imperial University whose school entrance was purposely constructed lower and narrower, aiming to inspire the students to humbly face the sea of learning and pursue the distinguished knowledge.      

In the spring drizzle, the students’ interest toward the building and history of NTU was not ceased at all by raising questions and taking pictures. The completion of NTU campus tour drew the opening ceremony to an end and raised the curtain on NTU EMBA life.