National Taiwan University EMBA Alumni Foundation “Music for Love.Taiwan Light-up” Public Interest Concert
Activity day:2017-11-27 
Published At:2017-11-27 
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To safeguard remote school children and deliver love of the society, the 616th National Taiwan University (NTU) EMBA Alumni Foundation upholding the business philosophy of “Society with Love, Innovation on the Move” hosted the “Music for Love.Taiwan Light-up” public interest concert on December 11 at the Square of Butterfly Hall, Taipei Expo Park, and the revenue was donated to support remote school children. With the enthusiastic support from the alumni, the 1,300 tickets were sold out, and the revenue of NT$2 million was donated on the scene to 4 remote social groups.

Yuan Huei-Hua, president of NTU EMBA Alumni Foundation, said that the essence of NTU EMBA was diversity fusion for co-creation of infinity. This concert event was an aggregative empowerment of EMBA alumni from different social sectors, boundlessly delivering love to remote corners. Taipei City major Ke Wen-Zhe also came to the scene and commended the alumni for their contributions to the society and delivery of the goodness of mind to make a better Taiwan.

The warm and vivid stage performance delivered the love and touched the hearts of the audience. The donation went to the groups including Taipei Enjia Children Percussion Orchestra , Hsinchu Jinping Elementary School Atayal Children’s Chorus, Butterfly Orchestra’s Pupa Sound Project (Puli Elementary School and Dacheng Junior High School, Nantou County), Kaohsiung Baolai Junior High School Chorus, whose opening performance manifested their gratitude for the charity support. Then it was the rock band of Power Station singing “Rainbow” to heat up the atmosphere, blessing the children for the rainbow on the road ahead. Then, the pastor singer Lin Qing-Tae, used his original voice to bring the audience back to the most primitive of inner touch. Finally, it was Luo Mei-Ling for the finale, singing “Love Shines” to annotate the warm devotion of every alumnus in the audience, that keeps rolling the love for serving the society, never goes out.

This concert connected the 1,300 NTU alumni with 4 remote community groups, rippling the touching love through the hearts of everyone on the scene to light up Taiwan.