A Perfect Closing of the Family Business Inheritance and Business Transformation Seminar on 2017/10/14!
Activity day:2017-10-14 
Published At:2017-10-18 
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The “Family Business Inheritance and Business Transformation” seminar, jointly organized by Evergreen Family Business Society, Chunghwa Negotiation Management Society, NTU’s Department of Finance Alumni Association, Deloitte Taiwan, and Republic of China Federation of Industry and Commerce Building Studies Economics Committee, was held on October 14, at NTU’s Liberal Education Classroom Building Room 103. Topics on the family business inheritance and business transformation were brilliantly analyzed and discussed, and experiences were shared in the meeting.

The seminar was co-hosted by Professor Jiang Jiong-Cong, founding chairperson of Chunghua Negotiation Management Society and Zhou Xiao-Ling, chairperson of Evergreen Family Business Society, whose brilliant introduction and threading comments smoothed and vivified the entire activity. Topics of family business transformation, emperor governance, inheritance taxation, as well as domestic and foreign family business inheritance case studies were addressed to explore the inheritance and transformation of family businesses, by Ri-Xin, lecture professor of Feng Chia University; Wei Mei-Rong, general manager of Willis Towers Watson; Chen Jian-Hong, a CPA and partner of Deloitte Taiwan; and Chen Chun-Shan, chairperson of Global Brand Management Association.

In addition to the heavy-weight keynote speakers, also invited were Lin Zi-Zhi, president of United Oriental Glass Industrial Company; Shi Jing-Bin, COO of Deloitte Taiwan; Jane Rong-Zong, an attorney at law and partner of Ying Rui Law Firm; and Lian Yun-Zhi, chairperson of Commerce Research Development Institute, to share their practical experiences of family business inheritance and running, providing professional views and suggestions on family business transformation from the perspectives of counseling management, taxation, and legal affairs.

The seminar aggregated the ideas of professionals and experts from different industrial sectors, and the succession issues of family business inheritance were enthusiastically analyzed and discussed, and illustrated with case studies. The results were fruitful.