The 4th NTU EMBA Badminton Game with 34 teams, for fun and for competition
Activity day:2017-09-10 
Published At:2017-09-11 
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The 4th NTU EMBA Badminton Game was held on September 10 at the NTU Sports Center. There were 7 competition teams and 27 cheer teams, consisting of alumni and teachers of the EMBA classes from 1997 to 2017, with a total of 300 plus participants.

The opening ceremony was hosted by Shen Xue-Ren, an alumnus of class 2010 and Lin Wei-Juan, an alumnus of class 2016. On behalf of the organizing authority, Lin Chun-Qing, chairperson of the Badminton Club and an alumnus of class 2016, thanked all the alumni for their enthusiastic participation regardless of their busy schedules, and appreciated their support for the games with the EMBA teamwork spirit. Also acknowledged was the support from alumni of different classes who helped with communication, registration and coordination, to make such a wonderful performance of recruiting 34 teams.

Through the whole day group competitions, the champions of cheer group and competition group were made. It was 94 Winner, the defending champion, won the championship again of the competition group, and 891 Killer, also a defending champion, won the championship again of the cheer group. The game came to a perfect ending after the award ceremony, and the players promised to meet again next year!